Sauna options: how to pick the best one?

Posted Jan 27, 2021, Category: Advice

Saunas are a quintessential Nordic pastime. The centuries since it was invented, saunas have become popular all over the world. There are so many sauna options now on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one. So, as Eurodita often does, we have put together a comprehensive list of sauna constructs. These glulam log cabins and pod cabins are great options for sauna enthusiasts. We will go through each type and cover the benefits, as well as technical details of each type of sauna.

Sauna pods

Sauna options: how to pick the best one?Compact, elegant and easy to transport. Sauna pods are converted from classic campings pods. Their compact design and elongated shape gives them a sense of elegance. The sauna pods are also very compact. They can fit even a small scale back yard and still provide a full sauna experience. In terms of logistics, sauna pods have a huge advantage over other sauna alternatives. These pods can be transported pre-built and ready for use. They do not require any concrete foundation and even come with a heater as part of the set. A great bargain for a hassle-free and quick sauna experience.

Barrel saunas

A true statement of style. Barrel saunas have a unique round shape that brings some playfulness into your back yard. Coming in different sizes, each barrel sauna is equipped with benches and a heater as part of the set. Moreover, the whole barrel can arrive already constructed, straight to the designated location. We also encourage owners of barrel saunas to dye them in various colours. The glue laminated planks, made of Northern pine, are a perfect canvas for funky and creative painting ideas. This pine is very light, which allows the pigment to stay within its true colour. Barrel saunas are a dream for those looking to add something new and unorthodox to their back yards of summer houses.

Sauna options: how to pick the best one?

BBQ hut saunas

Traditionally, BBQ huts have been a very particular social experience, first started in Finland. It involved people sitting around a stove and grilling food while socialising with one another. Now the classic form of the BBQ hut has been transformed to accommodate a full sauna experience. In keeping the tradition of socialising, we kept BBQ hut saunas rounded in shape. This naturally formed benches that take up half or the entire space of the hut. In the centre, we put the heater that provides even amount of heat throughout the sauna. And just like this, the BBQ hut can now be used as a comfortable and cozy sauna.

Not only are saunas healthy, but they are becoming increasingly popular. People are looking for new, compact, easy ways to build their saunas, without investing too much. All of these options, offered by Eurodita, have heating stoves included. They also come in various sizes and can be delivered pre-built. What’s more, they can also be ordered bespoke, which means that anyone can order a version of a sauna pod or a BBQ hut sauna completely tailored to their needs. And if you are a log cabin or sauna dealership, consider joining our partner network. Eurodita is the bespoke manufacturer of dreams and we will for sure be able to find an option that suits you.