Product lines and how to pick the best option

Posted Sep 15, 2020, Category: Business

As you scour through our catalogue, it’s easy to spot that some of our products come in product lines. Be it glulam beams houses, contemporary log cabins, camping pods – all have some form of product line that includes 2 or more designs that are the same. What differs are the dimensions of the building itself, in some cases the house kits and what’s included into them. For example, our BBQ huts category has quite a few product lines, like Airy for more open BBQ hut design, Hexa for the traditional grillikota look, Modern for the contemporary approach to classic BBQ huts.

This division into product lines helps our partners save time and money. Once they find the design their clients want, the question then moves to the size and the cabin kit. In a lot of cases, we have already produced the necessary, standard size of the building and have the diameters ready for the next production. We no longer need to spend time meticulously going through every inch of the building and our partners can receive their offers faster, which then translates to faster sales and quicker production start.

So, for example, if our partner liked the Modern line and its design, but need it large enough to contain 6 or more people, the easiest route is to choose Modern 3 model from this line, which boasts 16m2 in size, and inquire for that product. On our end, we will be able to move much faster, produce the order with a 3D model and send it out to the partner with their own insignia. This ensures a much smoother line of communication and reduces the chances of it breaking down.

How to choose the right model 

This question is not quite straightforward and not too difficult either. In each line, the main differentiating factor is the size of the building. This in turn influences the weight, which is important for delivery, and the capacity to hold a certain number of people. All these variables should be taken into consideration when selecting the right model. Make sure you fully understand your client’s needs before sending out an inquiry. Ask them all the important questions about the capacity, the right design, the purpose of use, the land available to them and the size that would fit on that land.

In the case that you’re the partner who is also our direct client, ask yourself all of the questions above. Very often, owners of recreational locations order camping pods directly from us. They order a great number of them and more often than not, they order pods for sale from the same line, just in different sizes. This happens because companies like that strive to maintain the overall design integrity of the location, while at the same time having to offer different sizes of accommodation for varying groups of people. In this scenario, they would order Venture 1, Venture 2 and Venture 3 models from our camping pods for sale, and of each they would order 10, 20 or more, depending on their need.

Relationship with bespoke

Having product lines with varying sizes for ease of order doesn’t mean that we cannot take bespoke orders on those same models. We can and we do. However, returning partners love to see the familiar design and dimensions. This gives them a sense of security and lasting cooperation, which we absolutely cultivate. We are open to bespoke order of any camping pods, log homes, made to measure log cabins, you name it, we bespoke it.

Product lines provide order and are especially useful for long-term partnerships. They can also be helpful for new potential partners that are not yet familiar with the variety and flexibility of our production, while here it’s being showcased for everyone to see. We are proud of each product line we offer and expect to grow them and add new ones.