Not just for a trailer park: other ways mobile homes can be used

Posted Sep 15, 2020, Category: Lists

In the United States, mobile homes have an image that they are meant to be built only in a mobile home or trailer park. One might say they are even looked down upon as a cheap substitute for a real accommodation, or just as a temporary, passing-by option. However, we are here to offer a different outlook on the humble mobile home and present different purposes they can used used for. Naturally, one mobile home is not like the other and their quality and design can differ. However, we can at least take into account our own custom mobile homes and ensure that their quality will be more than sufficient – wherever your clients choose to take them.

Summer residence 

In Europe, mobile homes are often used as summer retreats. They can be placed on an individual, secluded lot, a farm or in a summer house commune, where people come to spend their summers away from the city. Mobile homes actually make for great bespoke garden summer houses. They are spacious, enough to carry all necessary cooking and storing equipment. They have the front porch for long summer evenings and they can be insulated if necessary. Because mobile homes are spacious enough to have a storing unit inside, cultivating beautiful and bountiful summer gardens around them is definitely an option.

Recreational purposes

Owners of recreational parks or lots of lands that can be used for camping could also benefit from mobile homes. If there are requirements to provide larger accommodation than a camping pod could provide, then mobile homes are a great option. On our own catalogue, there are different sizes and models available, so it’s possible to pick something that fits the planning of the recreational area. They can also be mixed and matched with camping pods, providing smaller and larger accommodation options at the same time. Otherwise, they can be used as communal cooking or showering areas.

Schools and activity hosting 

Mobile homes can also serve as great building for schools. Due to their elongated design, a single bespoke mobile home can host a class with enough room to spare for socialising and the teacher’s room. Alternatively, mobile homes can be used to host various social activities, gathering and meetings, can even serve as a communal kitchen. As a public building, mobile homes may seem small, but in a right-sized community, it could be a great option, with many varying uses. It’s cheaper to purchase and maintain, yet it’s a strong and durable building that provides everything a classic house would.

Log cabin substitute 

Depending on the purpose for which the cabin is intended, it’s quite possible to substitute small cabin kits with custom mobile homes. With the right size, mobile home can provide more of an accommodation than a cabin would. Also, a mobile home is always possible to insulate and prepare for any season, while the cabin might be constrained, depending on its model. It’s a versatile building that compared to the log cabin can offer much more comfort in many situations.

Final thoughts

Mobile home is a vastly overlooked building model. Due to its simple construction, it can fit almost anywhere and provide shelter for many purposes. Schools, communal kitchens, summer residences, log cabin substitutes – all options are open for a quality mobile home. Sometimes all it takes is to show your client that other ways are possible, despite the negative reputation. If your clients agree with you, order up through the bespoke order form, our partner program page or simply inquire about a specific product.