Mobile home living: the possibilities are endless

Posted Jan 13, 2021, Category: Advice

There are a lot of misconceptions about mobile homes out there. Some think that it’s the last ditch option to have a roof over one’s head. Others believe it’s the cheap alternative to a normal house with limited possibilities of comfort and aesthetics. Being the bespoke log cabin company that we are, at Eurodita we know that this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, our own bespoke mobile homes are the exact opposite of the public perception. So, in this blog post, we would like to dedicate some attention to the humble mobile home. We will cover the interior design possibilities, introduce examples from our own portfolio and give some design ideas of how to turn the mobile home into a truly remarkable residence.

First introduction 

Mobile home living: the possibilities are endless Mobile home living: the possibilities are endless

First and foremost, let’s go over some examples from our own catalogue. Our timber mobile homes come in any sizes and room configurations. Yet, they adhere to strict rules of the mobile home building: elongated shape, one floor, simple design, easily transportable on a standard lorry. Yet that doesn’t mean the mobile house must be low in quality, or lacking in aesthetics.

Take the Mobile home Thames, for example. It’s a spacious, 4 bedroom log house with enough room for all the necessary amenities. This includes a fully stocked kitchen, a comfy living room, bathroom and 4 spacious bedrooms in addition to all that. Not to mention the fact that it’s made from highest quality, Norther pine, produced using glue lamination technique. This ensures longevity, strength and beautiful light colour of the mobile home. It simply doesn’t comply with the perception of cheap, low quality option that is prevalent in the public opinion.

Interior design possibilities

These possibilities are endless. A minimalist Nordic design, with cool, grey, blue and brown colours – possible. The glulam timber planks can be dyed in any colour, using specialised dye for wooden surfaces. With this design in mind, it’s also possible to merge comfort with ergonomics. Custom mobile homes are very efficient and fitting everything into a rigidly defined space. Therefore, it’s very possible to apply the Nordic minimalism to the interior.

Another interior design trend that is slowly gaining popularity is the so-called eclectic design. While the explanations and definitions may be a little vague, there is a simple rule to follow when planning for the eclectic design: the interior should include decorations and elements from 3 or more different origins. It by no means gives the right for “anything goes” mentality. Instead, think about it as carefully curated collection of design elements. For example, vintage decorations in the living room, illuminated by modern lighting solutions would very much quality as eclecticism. This interior design style provides a lot of freedom to create something special and in our eyes, it fits perfectly with bespoke mobile homes. To break away from the norms and perceptions about mobile home limitations, use the eclectic interior design philosophy to create something truly unique, even if the canvas is rigid and pre-planned.

Final thoughts

Like many standard log cabins and bespoke log houses, mobile homes can also be made to measure. Within the strict rules of mobile home shape and size, we can create interior planning that fits the needs of each client. This provides even more freedom to create something unique. And for our current and potential partners and mobile homes suppliers, we always recommend adding new, high quality options for customers, looking for something special.