Log cabin types: how and why we differentiate them

Posted Dec 14, 2020, Category: Advice

Contemporary log cabins are so varied in designs, sizes and purposes, sometimes it can be hard to choose the right one. It’s no wonder either: as the material design and technology advances, so too the possibilities of building increasingly more varied, modern log cabins. In order to bring some clarity into the conversation about log cabin types, we at Eurodita have decided to dedicate an entire post about it. In it, we will cover different types of log cabins that we produce, their intended purpose and technicalities of their construction. We hope that you will leave this post with a little more informed opinion about the variety in log cabin market and the decision you will have to make.

Before we start, it’s important to note that the best quality log cabins for sale are those that are made for a specific purpose. Something that is made for summer only, or intended as the main residence will have completely different approach to production and construction. Always keep that in mind when browsing log home suppliers.

Log cabin types: how and why we differentiate them

Standard log cabins

Any log cabins supplier will have a selection for standard log cabins. These are cabins that are classic in their design: usually single room, with a roof over the front door, sometimes a porch. They are usually used as made to measure summer houses, with relatively thin walls and uncomplicated structure. Although we always use residential quality windows and doors, sometimes they can be made thinner, on account that these glulam log cabins will only be used during the warm season.

Standard log cabins can also be easily transformer into bespoke log cabins – a design specifically tailored to the customer. While their purpose the remains the same, the look is changes to fit more specific needs of the owner.

Log cabin types: how and why we differentiate them

Garden rooms

Just like the name suggests, these types of cabins are made for the purpose of gardening or other activities that can be performed within the limits of the back garden. While recently these garden rooms have been popular in conversions to garden offices, their original purpose is primarily storage of gardening equipment. Due to their modest size and no need for serious concrete foundation, garden rooms are a great option for other purposes as well: a playroom for children, a pool side break room and changing room, a hobby space or even as the modern sheshed.

Log cabin types: how and why we differentiate them

Camping pods

Another, highly specialised type of contemporary log cabins. Currently often referred to as a glamping pod (i.e. glamorous camping pod), these campers are a great option for their intended use. They are light, can arrive in a full set – with wooden furniture included – and can be ready to be used within one or two days. These luxury camping pods can even replace the aforementioned garden rooms or log cabins. Although camping pods, as is in their name sake, are meant for warm-weather camping and that should be kept in mind when considering them for any other purpose.

Log cabin types: how and why we differentiate them

Residential log cabins

These are glulam log homes that are meant to be lived in for long periods of time, or used as the main residence of the owner. They are usually prepared for insulation and come with residential quality doors and windows. Although still classified as cabins, these buildings resemble houses built with glulam rather than small, standard log cabins. Residential level log cabins must have a strong concrete foundation. They may come in two storeys and often decorated and arranges as normal houses.

Stay informed

When choosing the best option for your log cabin, remember to always stay informed. Visit several log home suppliers and collect various, detailed offers with explanations and comparisons. Remember that purchasing even small cabin kits is a long term investment that should be paying off for years to come. It’s not so easy to get rid of or to sell off, so choose carefully and choose wisely.