Log cabin production – know it all before you go green.

Posted Apr 07, 2020, Category: Cabin production
Every log home supplier has different production methods. In this post, we would like to share with you how we do things in Eurodita. We will cover the materials we use and technologies we utilise. We will present the differences in bespoke and standard log cabin manufacturing. And lastly we will discuss the challenges producers face.
Materials and technology
We never start a project without a good plan first. With our software capabilities, we can create a 3D model of any building in our assortment, or build a completely new, bespoke option. This we achieve with AutoCAD-based program called HSB Cad, that is integrated directly with our cutting machines and can provide information to the production floor within seconds. For quick offers to send to our partners, we also use a software platform we built ourselves. This way we ensure quick communication between our partners and their clients, with clear visual material, coherent text and quick exchange of information.
In terms of materials, we prefer to exclusively use the Northern pine. It’s a sturdy tree, much lighter in colour than its southern cousins. It grows slowly and contains much less resin, which gives its unique colour. From these sturdy trees, we produce timber logs. They are cut into necessary length and width, depending on the project we’re working on. These we dry out on for 4 to 6 days until it reaches the low humidity of 14-16%. With low humidity, the timber doesn’t rot or mould, so this step is integral in building a sturdy, long lasting hut.
After the timber logs loose their humidity, they also loose some size. After drying out, we polish the logs down to final desired size and moved to the next stage of cutting out interlocking connections. With these connections, the corners of each building become strong and durable, able to withstand the test of time.
In the final stages of production, timber logs can be ready as they are, or have glue added to them. This creates glue laminated logs – or glulam – that creates additional sturdiness to the log home. We use Prefere glue, a 100% eco-friendly product that has been certified by ISO 14001 environmental standard. It’s a strong glue that we use for lamination and reinforcement of interlocking connections.
Standard production
For a very long time, our production has been based on constructing standard issue log huts and homes. It has been a tried and true practice in this industry for the last 10 to 15 years. To this day, we offer standard log homes that we produce in large quantities, only making minimal changes according to the needs of our partners. For example, we can prepare the house for insulation material, or additional piping solutions without changing their basic look. Depending on the climate, location and purpose, each contemporary log home design can vary slightly, while maintaining the overall frame and architecture the same.
Now we offer high quality BBQ hut designs, strong and cozy camping pods, carports and garden rooms. Every single one can have small changes done to adapt to the needs of your client, with an offer done in 5 minutes for standard options and all you need to do is set a right price.
Bespoke production
With the coming of new generations onto the market, tastes in log homes changed. A desire spread through the market for individual, bespoke solutions. which allow the buyer to express more of their personality and individuality through their log homes.
We are fully committed and ready to service this new, rising trend of bespoke log cabin homes. In our current selection, we already have a number of great models that can sate even the pickiest client. If our contemporary log home designs are not enough, we are more than ready to build a new design from scratch. Also, our modern residential log cabins can also be modified extensively, or built entirely from the ground up. Same goes for all models of our log garages – their size and structure can be adapted depending on the number of cars families own.
Each type of production offers its own, unique challenges. For large projects, it can be the pine sourcing issue. If we are filled to the brim with offers, our production capabilities are not limitless yet. However, we are committed to overcome all these challenges to make you the best possible offer.
We encourage you to offer your clients bespoke solutions that can be adapted to their wishes. It is the log construction of the future, fully committed to fulfilling your client’s wildest dreams. We are here to support and help you every step of the way, from the first sales pitch to the final delivery.