How to secure a log home from thieves?

Posted May 15, 2020, Category: How-to

In the entire real estate industry, at every stage of house construction, there is a risk of theft. Be it small standard log cabins, bespoke garden summer houses, or large contemporary log homes. We as log cabin manufacturers and log home suppliers should always be ready to advise our clients on how to secure their log homes and cabins, and even as small as camping pods.

In this post, we would like to share with our partners some tips you can give to your clients to secure their log cabins. Crime tends to happen when glulam log cabins are left unattended over winter, or in general for a longer period of time. Even nighttime robberies are still well and alive in rural areas. We at Eurodita, while not providing log home security systems, can surely share some general advice with our partners that can be useful when advising client on how to secure their property.

Reliable locks

First and foremost, your clients should make sure all doors and windows are lockable. Glulam houses and cabins, left over winter tend to be robbed due to ease of access. Windows should be locked from the inside, with sturdy locks. Doors should also a double lock mechanism to make it harder to break through.

Security grilles 

These are usually installed on windows and doors. They are retractable iron bars that are fitted on the outside of the log cabin homes and locked up. They make it harder for the glass to be broken and are a very basic way to protect your client’s property.

Security cameras

If your clients plan to store a lot of valuables in their bespoke summer houses, then security cameras or CCTV can be a very good investment. They work best together with the security light that turns on from motion. Make sure to advise your clients to consult a security firm, who would be able to set up the cameras at the right angles. If their bespoke log cabins are not remote and cameras might film the neighbours property, they will need to get permission from the neighbours first.

Plant defence 

Another good way to advise your clients is to reach into the garden and plant some prickly plants around their bespoke log cabin homes. Holly is the most popular plant for these purposes, but there are many local varieties as well. The best way to do it is to plant these natural defenders under glulam houses’ windows. That way, not only will the plants deter potential burglars, but also cause them harm if they will try anything.

Put everything away

It may be common sense, but it is only common if it is commonly employed. Remind your clients to put things away when they leave their bespoke summer houses. This especially applies to ladders, stools and all furniture or additional points of entry. If the custom log homes are going to be fully fitted, best to not forget to pull curtains and lock everything away before leaving for the season. Your clients should not advertise themselves to potential thieves.

Burglar alarm 

If your clients are planning to live in their made to measure log cabins, installing burglar alarm is a great advice. After all, if brick houses can have them, why not log homes? There are options with alarms, between silent and noisy ones. The real challenge with this sort of alarm remembering to set it up before going to bed or leaving. If your clients leave their bespoke summer houses for a season, silent alarm that messages to the phone if something has gone awry might be the best option here.

Security is important. Your clients will appreciate feeling safe in their bespoke residential log cabins. More importantly, they will remember you fondly for giving great advice and might come back to buy a camping pod or for another log cabin. Regardless, your services will be a leg up above your competition with consulting services that you can provide to your loyal clients.

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