How to make a brand for log cabin business?

Posted Apr 13, 2020, Category: Business

Like any business, building one with eco-friendly, contemporary log home design in mind has its own set of unique challenges. A brand for your business can be a strong stepping stone to success, right after securing a reliable production partner.

At Eurodita, we built our brand based on the perception of our business. It’s thought of among our partners that we are reliable, ensure quality of all our productions and let them grow their business with a good profit margin.

Visually, our brand speaks of its European origins. This is true a 100% of the time, as all our production is based in Eastern Europe and our materials are most often sourced from either Northern Europe or Siberia.

In this post, we will go through some factors that should be considered when building your own log home brand. They apply to majority of businesses, yet we want to highlight a few aspects that might be unique to this sector.

Conveys emotion

Whatever you’re selling, it’s always easier to do so with emotion. This is especially true when applied to selling bespoke summer houses or log cabins. Whether your business centres around building personal log homes or you’re running a resort of small camping pods – fundamentally, you’re selling the idea of living in a wooden structure. And when it comes to living, people start daydreaming about it often. How they will prepare breakfast in their wooden kitchen, how their fireplace will crackle or how they will sit in the veranda of their bespoke mobile home.

All of this is pure emotion. And you can tap into that. Your brand should be centred around the promise of such emotion – of their new timber home, where they can feel safe, be healthy and live closer to nature.

Reflects the core business

You will also want a brand that emphasises your core business. If you’re running a summer resort with lots of log cabins that are fundamentally the same, you should not make false promises of unique, bespoke experience. Focus on the aspect that draws your customers to your resort: beautiful seaside, clean mountain air, the sense of living closer to nature in a log cabin.

If, however, you do offer a custom log home construction, then pour all that emotion of living closer to nature – on your own terms. Emphasise the green choice your customers are making when picking from a catalog of bespoke log homes. Take note on their wishes and let them take joy in the fact that it is all possible – because your brand can do it.

Thoughtful communication

Once you’ve captured the emotional and pragmatic aspects into your brand, the next question is how you utilise it. What ways of communication you will choose and how you will inform your customers about your brand’s core values is just as important as the values themselves.

Right now, internet is your greatest ally. Not only can you find the exact location of your potential customers, but also target them specifically. A lot of young people are forming families now around the globe and they’re starting to look for sustainable, eco-friendly home solutions. They are well-informed and do their research about every aspect of their future home. These customers are ideal for your bespoke timber houses. They can often be found online and through social media. Be sure to utilise the social network as a tool. Not only is it easy to showcase the visual representation of their dream log house, but also spread information about your brand and unique services offered.

Internet aside, you should not leave the more traditional media behind. If you plan to sell garden rooms, BBQ huts or even small camping pods, specialised, printed journals are a good choice. Gardening advice, construction overviews, even travel magazines are a great way to showcase your brand and grow its awareness. Look through your local and national publications and set a few locations that easily are accessible to you. Then, order sponsored articles with a lot of visual material and present core values of your brand in the text.

Lastly, once you have an image of what your brand should convey, the emotion it should invoke and the publications you want it to appear in, write down this plan and consult with a marketing expert. Just like you are great at selling customers their contemporary log homes, so are they at finding said customers. Go through your plan with a marketing agency or a freelancer and set it in motion with their help.

Don’t make a mistake thinking that your log house business will advertise itself. There is much to be gained by appearing in the right place at the right time. You must take action to be there. Good luck!