How to create the classic log home look

Posted Dec 02, 2020, Category: Advice

Eurodita has been in business for over 26 years. Only over such a long period could we become the bespoke log cabin company that we are now. We understand that what we produce are the dreams of people buying contemporary log cabins, glulam log homes and bespoke summer houses from our partners. We have also accumulated all of this experience that gave us the ideal portrait of a classic log home. How it would look like? What to watch out for when placing a bespoke order? What to suggest to clients who want that classic log cabin look, but don’t exactly know how to achieve it? All these questions we will cover in this post.

First and foremost, when going for that classic, cozy log home look, there several principles that should always adhered to. Each principle has something to offer towards creating that homey feeling. It will be much easier to build on when the foundation is strong. We will also show how each point is covered by our current portfolio of log cabin homes.

Choice of logs. Usually, logs are chosen for the specific types of building or by personal preference of the client. In our case, we use Northern pine is all of our glulam beams houses. This particular pine adheres perfectly to the first principle of creating a classic log cabin: lightness. The Norther pine is a very light timber. When put together into walls and ceiling, it creates a sense of scale. It also gives this feeling of brightness and coziness, and overall lightens the feel of the log house.

Corner type. Corners of a log cabin can seem like a technical task that the customer should not worry about. However, they greatly influence the general appearance of the glulam log home. That’s why it’s important to discuss with the customer whether they want a more breezy look to the building, or a true outback cottage look. That can be achieved by simply picking the right length of the log cabin corner. Traditionally, it’s the cross corner that is the most popular. However, for a lighter look, there are short cross corners and cage corners. Discuss this aspect with your customers thoroughly.

Roof shape. Another seemingly technical question that seriously influences the look of the log house. We usually offer apex roof or pent roof as an option. Apex roofs are triangular in shape and give even standard log cabins a home residential, cozy look. Pent roofs, on the other hand, are sloping downward and create more austere image. They are usually more prevalent among customers that are looking for made to measure summer houses – something smaller and simpler, yet still resembling a classic log cabin.

Window shape. The most classic log cabin homes are designed and built with a central bay window in mind. This gives the structure a true sense of cozy, outback log house, as well as adding some perception of space. For more modern approaches, tall, double-glazed windows, with a door in the middle and an apex roof are a great combination. Discuss with your customer what their vision is and choose the type of windows to make their vision a reality.

Front and back porches. No contemporary log home designs are complete without the front or back porch. After all, one of the main reasons people are purchasing log homes is to be closer to nature. A log house with a balcony over the front porch is a great option for a classic look: saves from the rain and provides a comfy relaxation area. Make sure to discuss this aspect with your customers, as an extra porch means extra space that may or may not be available.

Interior design. While the construction of the log cabin may be extremely important in the case of building that classic log home feel, the interior design surely completes the feet. Here we are looking for a lot of light, breezy colours. The Northern pine we use in our log home manufacture is already very light and lends to creating this feeling. If your customers want to go for even more of light Nordic look, then white and blue, mossy green are colours to look out for.

At Eurodita, we call ourselves the bespoke manufacturers of dreams. Creating something like a classic log home is a dream come true for us. We are happy to always provide something so dreamy and cozy to our customers.