Gig economy Part 2: a business opportunity

Posted Jan 22, 2021, Category: Cabin production

In our previous post, we have covered the growth of gig economy and the impact that has on the log cabin market. We talked extensively about the positive impact contemporary log cabins are having on people working remote. The impact is great that some producers are ramping up their production lines, while retailers are taking in orders in advance.

So, to follow up on the previous post on gig economy, in this one, we would like to go into the production business side of things. How can a producer cope with changes COVID-19 pandemic is bringing to the world? What can retailers do in order to expedite sales and orders of log cabins? How can deliveries be planned for the better? Let’s go over these points in the post.

Ramping up production

In some parts of the world, this may be difficult. Eurodita is lucky to have an efficient existing production line. We were able to ramp it up and cover the influx of orders. Naturally, we were forced to do some changes in our shift scheduling and production steps. This was necessary in order to account for quarantine restrictions, and to ensure the safety of our employees. We recommend all glulam log cabins producers rethink their production. Look for opportunities to make it more efficient. Go through production processes and see where you can make them go faster. Invest in new machinery. This is the perfect time to do so. The gig economy is here to stay and the demand for isolated workspace is only going to increase.

Challenges in retail

Customer-facing businesses already report an influx of orders for various log cabins. Everything from standard log cabins to bespoke contemporary residential log cabins are now on the rise. As a producer, we are always happy to receive more orders. Eurodita, as the bespoke log cabin company, is especially happy with new and interesting bespoke log cabins projects. Here we would strongly advise retailers in making their order intake system more efficient – especially concerning the bespoke log cabins options. Make sure to have a wider range of design options in order to let the client settle on an existing design as much as possible. That way, us as a producer will be much happier constructing same type of glulam log cabins in larger number, saving us time. The customer will also be happy, receiving their long-anticipated log cabin earlier.

Delivery challenges

Overall, the general speed of deliveries has slowed down all over the world. This is true for log cabins for sale as well. We urge our partners and other retailers to think carefully and plan their orders efficiently. Place orders for several glulam log cabins at the same time. This way, the producer will be better at planning the delivery scope and will be much more likely to deliver all orders on time.

The business of log cabins has always been present in most of the world. With changes in people’s lifestyles, we now have a chance to grow and present our customers with new, bold and innovative ideas. Houses built with glulam have been a leap forward in material science. Glue lamination offered flexibility and a chance to expand ownership possibilities. We encourage our partners and all members of this market to work together in order to meet the demands and maintain a lot of happy customers.