Gig economy: 5 reasons a log cabin makes a great home office

Posted Jan 20, 2021, Category: Lists

The COVID pandemic has drastically changed the landscape of our work life. Not only did offices scattered throughout people’s homes, but there was also a rise in gig economy. Whether forced by circumstances, or by their own choice – people are leaving offices and creating their own work spaces. While the real effects of remote working will only be visible in the long-term, there are already signs that it has a positive impact. Productivity is rising and people overall feel happier about their work, if not lack of freedom to move around.

Some of the former office workers even go a step further and seriously invest in their home offices. That’s where the contemporary log cabins come in. A wonderful construct that creates an awesome office space. Whether standard log cabins for sale in a nearby store, or made to measure log cabins, tailored to exact vision of the buyer. All these options are becoming increasingly popular. So, in this post, we will go over 5 reasons glulam log cabins are a great choice as homes offices, as well as provide our insight as the bespoke log cabin company.

1. A happy workplace

Compared to boxed-in cubicles or crowded open-space offices, glulam log cabins offer a much-need respite from the hubbub of the office. The natural, relaxing feel of the cabin, paired with lots of natural light is a perfect blend for good mental and physical health. The intentional isolation from loud noises and interference of other people will provide a great space for productivity. Additionally, it will also double-up as a relaxing space for breaks and rest from work routine.

2. Simple construction

Compared to conventional home extensions, glulam log cabins are much easier to construct. In general, houses built with glulam are sold in pre-built pieces, to reduce construction time and transport them easier. Not to mention that some contemporary log cabin designs do not require a concrete foundation in order to be built. Depending on the size of the log cabin, building permits may not be a necessity either. Buildings that fit into your back yard or even on a lot of land within certain sizes do not need to be registered as dwellings. We always recommend to check with your local authority on that front.

3. No commute 

When you have your home office as far away, as the path to your back yard, the morning and evening commute stops being as issue. Instead, you can start your day calmly, focusing on work that you have to do. Glulam log cabins will improve more than your office environment. Employees that stop commuting report better moods, less stress and overall increase in happiness. So consider that as an added benefit of owning a log cabin as your garden office.

4. Work-life balance

No commute, peaceful start and end to the day, a calm workplace – everything necessary to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Contemporary log cabins Have a remarkable way of contributing to this balance. It’s as simple as providing a dedicated, bright and eco-friendly space for work. Everyone spends so much time in their offices, they’re bound to become a better place to simply be in. That is what glulam log cabins can give you – a space close to home, where you can stay productive, leave your work worries behind and not be stuck in the commute. And that is the secret of good work-life balance.

5. All year round log office

A lot of people associate glulam log cabins with a summer-only stay. And a different group of people see standard log cabins as a winter affair, fit for a stay after skiing. It’s quite understandable, as for a long time, these two market segments have caught the attention of most log cabin enthusiasts. However, with proper contemporary log cabin kits and designs, log cabin offices can be used all year round. That gives you freedom to work in the log cabin for as long as you need, while maintaining proper indoor climate. While offices can certainly be used all year round as well, as the owner of the log cabin, you have much more control. The temperature, incoming light, furniture arrangement – all of these aspects are in your control now, available during any season.

When you pick a garden office, make sure you pick the best. Consider many options and consult with your local log cabins supplier. Make sure that the place you’ll be spending a lot of time in actually suits your needs. Contemporary log cabins are an incredibly malleable option, giving you the freedom to choose what’s right for you. While Eurodita works strictly business to business, perhaps our catalogue will help you decide on what’s best for you.