Garden office types: which log cabins are best up to the task

Posted Dec 16, 2020, Category: Lists

The year 2020 has been particularly challenging. A lot of us have been forced to change our ways of life. We had to cram in our working lives together with our family lives and our days off. It’s been hard to keep them completely separate, while staying productive, rested and organised. That is why a lot of people have opted to move their home offices out of their homes and into their gardens. Specifically to glulam log cabins or garden rooms.

There’s a myriad of options out there. Lots of log cabins can be transformed into superb home offices. So, to make it easier to choose, we at Eurodita have put together a comprehensive list of our products that could serve as great log cabin offices. There’s something here for every type of client and we are sure that together with our partners, we will be able to find the perfect match.

Small log cabin kits – Iris 1

As one of the smaller options on our portfolio, Iris 1 can serve as a great home office. It’s has a cozy, single-room design – the 3.5×3.5m space will be more than enough for an ergonomic office. The entrance is built into the corner, making this cabin perfect for a smaller garden, where it could be built against a corner of the fence. Windows are positioned to allow two walls to be plain and further suitable for the corner planning.

Medium log cabin with front porch – Borneo 

To separate work and rest, a front porch is a great investment. Not only will the customer have an option to rest their eyes from their computer or notes, but will also be able to breathe in some fresh air. The interior is laid out as a single room, with access to everything within the same vicinity. The overall size at 5x4m, this office is quite spacious and functional, allowing for change os scenery to preserve productivity.

Open space design garden office – Venture

Lots of natural sunlight, tall windows and single-room interior. Garden office Venture has been built to resemble a true office, albeit its much cozier and stressless version. The side porch will also offer a quick change of scenery for 5-minute rest times. The interior will always be filled the natural light, due to the tall, residential quality windows and doors. The garden office venture has been built as a true office replacement.

Cozy garden room option – Reprieve

Garden rooms have been on the top of our best-selling lists for a long while now. Since the pandemic, they have also become a valid option as remote garden offices. Made from high-quality glulam logs, they are always light in colour, giving the garden rooms a very cozy vibe. From playrooms, reading nooks and shesheds, garden rooms have been transformed into effective productivity corners, where business can go on as usual.

Spacious, luxury home office – Borean 

For those that require an office, fully equipped not just with good lighting and desk space, but also all the amenities, space for drawing boards, studio equipment or other necessities, we recommend Borean. At 6x6m, Borean is a spacious, made to measure log cabin. It has enough space to accommodate complex work necessities, while also leaving enough space for various amenities and the basic desk. Small porch as the entrance can also serve as a resting space for breaks and change of scenery. Overall, Borean truly has everything needed to preserve productivity, as well as provides for long, arduous work processes – be they creative or technical.

Made to measure log cabins 

For really specialised options, Eurodita also takes bespoke orders. We can build completely new log cabin designs within 24 hours of order and showcase them as 3D models before putting them on the production floor. This way, both you and your customer will be able to make informed decisions about your dream home office. Our partner program is the best place to start the discussion about garden offices.