Fantasy made real – how a BBQ hut can transform your time in nature.

Posted Apr 04, 2020, Category: Advice

BBQ hut or grillikota originated in Finland and is still a pastime. It’s usually a round hut, with a fire grill in the middle. It’s built in a way that allows people – families and friends – to sit around the fire, grill meat or vegetables and chat away, telling each other stories. This is a traditional way families spend their time and it became popular in other northern countries as well. It’s a great way to spend time during cold winter months, as the insular structure keeps the cold out and the grill generates heat inside. During summer months, all windows in this round structure can be opened, creating a great ventilation system that keeps the inside cool.

A sauna can also be added to the structure, enlarging the hut area significantly. This type of BBQ hut can really become the centrepiece of activities when placed in the back yard near your house or your summer resort.

With so many activities covered by BBQ grill, let us go through so things worth knowing before purchasing one for yourself.

Purpose of your BBQ hut

Kota grill – as it’s more colloquially called in English – comes in different sizes, which also determines what it can be used for.

Fantasy made real – how a BBQ hut can transform your time in nature.

If you choose the smallest option, for example, just 7 sq. m. – there’s only going to be enough space for the BBQ in the middle, surrounded by seats, attached to the walls. This type of hut is classic and comes in round shape and 3 small windows. The pine planks used to construct this type of BBQ hut are untreated, so you can die it with paint of any colour. The grill is placed in the middle of the hut, on top of heat resistant plates to prevent wood from burning.

Fantasy made real – how a BBQ hut can transform your time in nature.

If you go for a bigger option, for example, 9 sq. m. – you can also convert this BBQ hut into a sauna with a changing room. It will be cozy and just like the traditional grill, comes in a round shape with windows. The sauna heater is then placed in the middle of the hut, instead of the grill. Just like with classic BBQ huts, the sauna’s wood is untreated so you can turn it into any colour you want. Also just like with standard BBQ hut, the heater is placed on top of heat resistant plates to prevent burning.

Fantasy made real – how a BBQ hut can transform your time in nature.

And for all those that want to have both, there’s a 2-in-1 option of a double BBQ hut. It’s 2 BBQ huts, connected by a corridor. This way, you can have both the grill table, the sauna and even create some space for sleeping quarters within the structure.

Fantasy made real – how a BBQ hut can transform your time in nature.

There are also open BBQ huts, that only have one side covered by the wall. They still have the grill in the middle, but the seating area only comes to a half of the building. This type of BBQ hut works well in summer months and can be a great substitute for a veranda if the main house is lacking one.

Whichever option you choose, all BBQ huts come with heat resistant plates, bitumen shingles as roofs and untreated Northern pinewood. Just pick the best location, which we will cover next, and enjoy your time. Smaller BBQ huts come in already constructed or require very little construction on site.

Location of your BBQ hut

Where you place your BBQ hut largely depends on the purpose you will be using it for. If it’s an inside grill or a sauna (or both) – your back yard is your best bet. However, a Koto grill can be a great substitute for a fishing cabin, a garden shed, a playhouse for kids or other activities. So where you place is will depend entirely on what you will use it for. The inside of the hut can also be adapted for the specific use, so consult your BBQ hut supplier to make you a bespoke offer.

Open BBQ huts can also be used as a restaurant seating area for a family-friendly venue. Also, larger huts with more space for sleeping quarters can be placed in camping sites and nature-oriented hotels.

Legal aspects and other details

Any structure, built on the land you own or rent must go through a legal consult, just to be safe. In most states and countries, you should not face any legal trouble building a BBQ hut on your own land. However, these are several aspects to watch out for:

  • BBQ huts have to be single storey, with maximum overall height of 4m.
  • They must occupy no more than half of your land space.
  • BBQ huts shouldn’t have balconies, verandas or other raised platforms.
  • They must not be used as a home.

If you’re planning your BBQ hut to be more of a secondary home or it’s built for someone to live in it, you should consult your municipal development office to advise you on necessary permits. Also, if you’re using your hut as part of the business – a restaurant or a hotel – you should consult your lawyer or real estate agent if you can build additional structures on the lot. Better be safe than sorry.

Lastly, the maintenance of the BBQ hut is not a big deal. As long as you give it a fresh coat of paint or varnish every 2 to 3 years, the wood should stay intact. Also, the grill or heater inside the hut will keep the wood dry and won’t let it rot easily. Make sure you watch the humidity levels and air our the hut as necessary.

Whichever option of a Koto grill you pick, it will be a great way to spend time with your family and friends. It’s inherently a social experience and you should enjoy it to the fullest. Good luck!