Choosing a log cabin: a comprehensive list of tips

Posted Dec 18, 2020, Category: Advice

Buying, building and taking care of contemporary residential log cabins can be a daunting task. In this blog, we often touch on the important steps to consider in each phase. From our partners, we find that the most difficult part is considered to be the maintenance of the log cabin. While that is true for majority of houses no matter what they have been built with, glulam log cabins will require specialised maintenance, even if it’s not too complicated.

However, we also find that sometimes, it’s the purchasing phase that can get tricky. This is especially true for people that have never owned a log cabin before and perhaps don’t know exactly what they are looking for. The variety of options available among standard log cabins can be daunting. Adding the possibility of purchasing made to measure log cabins can get even more complicated and the customer ends up lost and purchasing something that might not be what they need.

Advice number zero

In this post, we at Eurodita have decided to put a comprehensive list of tips for your customers to follow when purchasing glulam log homes. The first and really the rule number 0 is to stay on track and follow these tips. No matter the daunting choice amount, we advise to stay on track and follow each step without skipping or hurrying too much.

Pick the right design

Even before you go to log home suppliers, pick a design which you would like. Browse through Pinterest or through log cabin community boards and figure out what is it you would like to have on your plot of land. Having a sense of what you want, at least the basic direction of what you’re going for, will immediately narrow down the number of log home suppliers you need to go to. It also allows you to accurately estimate your budget relative to the size of your plot of land.

Price vs Quality vs Supplier

Next, remember to never make the decision of the type of log cabin you want to purchase based on price alone. Each log cabins supplier worth their salt will have options on variety of price levels. Rather make sure the supplier you’re talking to has good reviews and, most importantly, has the design you determined in step 1. Also, consider talking to several suppliers. Acquire as many offers as you can and compare them diligently. Ask all the questions and don’t be afraid to seem picky. Bespoke residential log cabins or any cabins are not a light consumer good. They are a long-term investment that should be made with consideration. So, remember: look for best quality relative to best price and the most reliable log homes supplier.

Your location

If you are thinking of buying a plot of land specifically to build a glulam log cabin on, it’s the perfect combination to make best choices. Consider buying a plot of land where the cabin could be facing the sun from east to west. That is the best angle that will keep enough sunlight inside and will not overheat or underheat your log cabin. If, however, you already have a plot of land, discuss with your log cabins supplier or the construction company of hoe to achieve this angle as closely as possible.

Opt for bespoke, whenever you can

A single most important tip is to consider going for made to measure log cabins whenever the opportunity allows. This will lead you to purchasing something that completely suits your lifestyle. And that is the most important tip for any type of home you decide to build. For this, we always recommend finding log homes suppliers that are trustworthy, have long years of experience and can guide you through the process professionally. While not everyone can afford true bespoke log cabins, whenever there’s an option to modify an existing model and this modification would drastically improve your choice, take it.

Final tips 

Some small tips we may not have covered can be summarised here. First off, buy a log cabin made of the highest quality materials you can afford. You’re investing in a long-term living place. Quality matters more here than anywhere else. Then talk to the previous buyers and owners of a log cabin similar to yours and ask about their experiences. Also, try and find out the turnkey cost of your chosen log cabin. It can be very different from simply purchasing log home kits, because you will definitely need to have it built, designed on the inside, insulated and so on. Find out that final cost and see if you can really afford it.

Finally, consider your location from another angle. Do you like the people you will be living in close proximity with? Be nice to your neighbours, but make sure they’re people that can be nice to you back.