9 types of cactus to grow at your log home.

Posted May 18, 2020, Category: Lists

Cacti are great plants. They do not require a lot of attention or even watering. Hence they make excellent houseplants for those that are not great with plants or tend to leave for extended periods of time. That is why cacti can be great for contemporary log cabin homes owners, especially those that only come to stay during weekends and on holidays.

In this post, we at Eurodita would like to delve a little deeper into the world of cacti and offer some advice on this prickly plant. We will cover sever types of indoor and outdoor cacti log cabin home owners will benefit from keeping in their log homes.

Indoor cacti

Succulents are tiny bundles of joy and will decorate even the small cabin plans. All they really require is the southern side window and water every now and then. Succulents will grow on their own, so all log cabin owners need to do is pick the varieties they would like to keep.

Saguaro. A very interesting variety that should be considered for larger contemporary log cabin decor. The reason is that they grow slowly, but slowly and surely these plants grow to the height of forty feet. Otherwise known as Carnegiea Gigantea, with patience, this succulent will become the centre piece of any glulam log cabins.

Bunny ears. Hailing from Mexico, these little plants do not grow beyond two to three feet. Bespoke log homes owners that are looking for more playful decor should consider this succulent, as they are shaped like bunny ears. If left in adequate sun, they will adorn themselves in white flowers and purple fruits during summertime. Remember to handle this particular succulent with care, as their tips can be quite brittle. They like it best when left undisturbed and only watered occasionally.

Chin cactus. A succulent hailing from South America, their name comes from their spines on flower buds. This one has a lot of different varieties in its family, some doing well in shade and others only in the sun. Hence it can be suitable for most if not all bespoke residential log cabins, depending on how many trees cast the shade on the log house. It is best to figure out which variety of chin cactus will be necessary to thrive in specific log homes.

Old lady. A cactus that should be handled with care due to its prickly spines and hairs. When planting, make sure to mix in some sand to allow water drainage. Glulam beam houses owners that would want some colour in their log homes would be happy with Old lady variety, as they sprout purple and pink flowers when given adequate sunlight. Do not overdo with watering, as the moisture should be infrequent.

Christmas cactus. A variety that blooms late in winter with beautiful purple blooms. Can be a great decoration for glulam timber houses in winter and especially during Christmas. This also makes them great gifts for the holidays. These cacti also do not require much attention and can stand to be in the shade.

Easter cactus. Hailing from Brazil, this cactus is also known as Hatiora Gaertneri. Its spines form gentle curves and meet at the top, giving it a beautiful, rounded shape. It is a delightful plant for decoration of bespoke summer houses, as it blooms in hues ranging from orange to lavender.

Outdoor cacti

Depending on the climate conditions in your region, some varieties of cacti can grow outdoors. These plants tend to compliment the general aesthetic of glulam log cabins, as they go well with all wooden structures.

Thanksgiving cactus. Continuing on the thematic of holiday seasons, there is a cactus hailing from Brazil. It blooms during the holiday season and can be a great compliment to bespoke log cabins. These cacti can survive winter, but only if it does not have frost, as that will kill it.

Barrel cactus. Another variety that must be handled with great care. It has a circular shape and many long brown spikes. Bespoke summer houses will be especially adorned by this cactus, as in May and June, it blooms beautifully in either yellow or orange.

Queen of the Night. Another variety hailing from Brazil. This one is especially unique, as it grows on trees. A great addition for bespoke garden summer houses, as it can be placed to grow on trees nearby. In the right conditions, it will adorn the trunks and branches of trees with small, white blossoms. To achieve these conditions, use slightly acidic soil, as it is the favourite of this plant.

At any of the made to measure log cabins, experimentation in plants should be encouraged. Cacti are a good place to start and they will grow well despite the skills of the gardener. And most of all, cacti will surely add a bit of rustic charm to every bespoke log cabin homes. Good luck!