5 best cabin designs for a hunting lodge

Posted Sep 15, 2020, Category: Lists

Sometimes, our partners receive orders for a hunting cabin from their client. Now, a hunting cabin can be many things for many people. For avid hunters it’s a sure trophy room to show off to themselves and their guests. For others, it’s a family gathering site that associates with socialising, warmth and love. While for others it’s a retreat, perhaps not always with hunting as an activity, but rather to escape the everyday woes and retreat into nature. All these iterations of hunting cabins have their place and most certainly have their design up and ready. So, in this post, we would like to share 5 designs of our glulam log cabins that would make great hunting lodges for various types of clients.

Bespoke log cabin Yurts

A classic log cabin that is suitable for a lone wolf of a hunter. It has enough space for a single person to peacefully spend time away from everything. Yet, it also retains enough space to install a small kitchenette to prolong the stay and maybe even process the game. It has a small porch in the front for prolonged evening and enough bare internal walls to hang some of the trophies. It’s also comfortable, 5495mm x 6856mm in diameter, it has everything a hunter needs for a prolonged, serene stay in the nature.

Bespoke log cabin Finlandia

A perfect hunting lodge for a full family outing. Finlandia is spacious, fitting 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining and living room areas, a bathroom and a storage area. Here, the hunter can hand their trophies, but also showcase them to a large party of friends and family. This is a comfortable stay, with a protruding roof over the main entrance for a possible porch location. Here, not just hunting can take place, but family holidays, friends gathering, special celebrations and occasions. Finlandia is a truly special of made to measure cabins and it offers warmth, togetherness and a good hunt.

Standard log cabin Gertrude model 6

For an avid hunter, who is looking to showcase their trophies and put them on the wall – any model from the Gertrude line will be a great pick. These classic log cabins that, with a single, all equipped room will provide the bare walls for the hunted trophies. They will become a centrepiece of the building. The largest model of 32.6m2 indoor area, can easily house a fully equipped kitchen, a storeroom, sleeping and living room areas. Not to mention the front overhang that forms a porch for those long evening watching the nature outside.

Double BBQ Hut Seasons 

An unconventional approach to hunting lodges, yet it works just the same. The Finnish grillikota provides not only sleeping quarters, a corridor to showcase all the hunting trophies, but also a relaxation after spending all day or night in the forest. The sauna & grill room is far enough removed from the bedroom to avoid too much humidity, so it makes for a comfortable stay. Seasons is also deceptively spacious, as both hexagonal ends provide 25m2 each of space. Double BBQ hut Seasons and its sisters in the same category offer a more versatile stay to a hunting-loving family that also likes to relax and socialise.

Low ridge clock house Richard

For those that simply seek for solitude rather than hunting, the clock house Richard is a great option. Small enough to place off the beaten path without issues, yet spacious enough to house all necessities like a kitchenette, possibly a small shower, sleeping and living room areas. The windows are tall and let a lot of sun in, allowing the owner to enjoy the views of nature from anywhere inside the clock house. Insulation prep options are available for the Richard model, so the cabin can be used all year round.

Whichever option your clients choose, Eurodita is ready to make bespoke log cabins, as well as standard log cabins. Our partners and their customers come first, so you can always inquire about any model and possible alterations. Through our partner program, we will deliver a great hunting lodge for any type of customer.