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The Croft Emily Barbecue Shelter is a fantastic product with many features, making it perfect for entertaining. It is easy to assemble, has a rust-resistant zinc bolt and is made of responsibly sourced timber. It is also made in Great Britain, so you can rest assured that it will last for years. It is also delivered in easy-to-assemble sections, which makes assembling the Croft Emily Barbecue Shelter a breeze.

Croft Emily Barbecue Shelter

The Croft Emily Barbecue Shelter is an excellent choice for those looking for a barbeque shelter with a premium build quality and design that complements any garden. Made from sturdy wood, this barbecue shelter protects food from the sun, provides shade and allows you to enjoy your celebrations without interruption. Furthermore, it won’t rust, fade or lose its colour in the sun, as plastic or metal barbecue shelters do.

Easy to assemble

The Churnet Valley Emily BBQ Hut is a stylish and practical BBQ shelter. Its unique design makes it a great addition to any garden. Its covered roof offers welcome shade while cooking, allowing you to enjoy your BBQ without interruption. Built using high-quality pressure-treated redwood, this BBQ shelter is easy to assemble at home.


You’ll want to invest in a BBQ hut if you love outdoor cooking. These BBQ huts are simple to assemble and provide consistent ventilation and heating for a wonderful cookout experience. These beautiful wooden structures are handmade by some of Europe’s finest wood craftsmen. The premium pressure-treated wood construction will remain beautiful for 20 years or more.

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