Colour and Log: what do you choose the right natural colours to decorate your cabin in the logs?

Posted Oct 07, 2021, Category: Cabin production

As part of the series of blog posts on glulam home design we’ve covered the basics of design and alternatives to be followed. Interior design is the perfect place to let your imagination shine. However, even the most innovative ideas require a solid plan of action before they can be fully realized.

In this article we’ll take the time to go over the most crucial element that is interior design. It is often referred to as the foundation upon which to build. It’s of course the color. In the beginning of your plan, once you have a fundamental sketch of your log cabin It is crucial to pick a great color scheme. This will give you an excellent foundation to create on. It doesn’t have to be exclusively brown and wooden. In addition to the natural wood, there can always be a second color that brightens the room.

With over 27 years of experience in the production of log cabins and log cabin construction, we at Eurodita are able to share our expertise. This is not just about exterior design and technical specifications however, we can also share our knowledge about interior design ideas for your brand-new timber beams home. Without further ado let’s look at some colors that could be a part of your log home’s style.


White’s lightness can let light into your log cabin. White furniture and walls will bring a feeling of fresh air to any room. Also, add accents like linen curtains, bedside lamps, and bedside lamps. This shade is perfect for all kinds of wooden homes and is especially suitable for ones constructed of dark timber. It is also a great match for tiny cabin kits since it is able to open every space. It is also impossible to be too bold with white. Furniture and walls in white are always stylish and complement all the details.


The complete opposite to white. Black is a stout and somber color that gives a sense of elegance. It is best only used in small amounts, mainly on furniture that is not permanently installed and accents. For instance, if you buy a log home kits which is constructed from Northern pine and black can be an ideal contrast. Northern wood is a well-known mild color, and every one of our log houses made of glulam are made from it. Make use of a black kitchen set to set off the white walls. Set the black sofa on the side of the fireplace. Be aware that, in contrast to white, black can shrink the areas, so if any space in your brand new log home seems too large Black is an excellent alternative to transform the room to a cozy state.


An extremely popular color, frequently described as the latest “neutral” that is the new 21st century. Green is a great match for wood patterns because it’s abundantly found in the natural world. Green in all lighter shades are a perfect match for any style of glulam home. Lime and teal on other hand , can create playful and fun accents. The most important thing about green is how it integrates to the wooden. It doesn’t matter if you go with full logs or glulam planks whatever type of timber you select will work with green. These are just natural allies that reflect the natural surroundings of you log home.


The shade can be changed toward a warmer or cooler shade and thus used to suit different needs. It’s an excellent choice for bedrooms, study rooms or reading areas, as well as rooms for gardens. Blue is proven to be a positive psychological influence toward concentration and focus. If it is paired with yellow or white it’s an excellent accent to bring warmth and a sense of joy. In the case of cabin interiors that are themed around seaside blue is the most popular color to create the sea-like feel. Overall , it’s a good option for an accent color and blue elements can be a part of the home’s logs with aplomb.

Orange and yellow

Two shades that are wonderful in their own right, but they should be used in moderation. If done correctly with the right mix of orange and yellow accents, they can add a sense of vivacity and a feeling of friendliness generousness to your log home. Orange shades must be selected with caution as the majority of wood logs have orange undertones and it’s easy to choose shades that contrast with the timber you have. It is best to consider picking an the right shade when your log cabin is constructed and the wood finishes are put on. This is when you’ll get the final shade of your walls, and will be able to choose the right orange to complement your log home.

Yellow is used sparingly by designers. There is evidence that shows that people argue frequently when you are surrounded by yellow. But, when used for certain elements in a log-style home it can create the feeling of warmth and make the room more lively.


The colour is often associated with prestige and royalty however it can be challenging to combine with a wood pattern. It needs a lot of matching when trying to find the ideal color. The bright purple could appear too extravagant, while lavender is often too boring. Be cautious when you are looking at this section of the palette. If you do it right the results could be stunning. It is a color that will require a lot of effort however, the benefits can take your modern log home designs to a new step.

In this article, we have only covered a handful of popular colors that are commonly utilized in the interior of log cabins. We recommend that you consult with an expert, whether it’s making glulam kits for your home or creating their interior. Most importantly, you must ensure that your log home is a success with the color you decide to choose. Combine your imagination with the possibilities that are realized in your brand-new log home. Have fun!