Two storey garage George

Two storey garage George

Dimensions: 6000mm x 6000mm
Wall thickness: 68mm
Wall height: 2835mm
Roof slope (degrees + overall height): 45°,  5687mm
Roof thickness: 28mm
Rafters: 7 units, each 70mm x 140mm
Roof area: 58.7 m2

Additional qualities: 

  • Glulam gates: 2500mm × 2000mm (x2)
  • Double glazed doors: 830mm × 1930mm (x2)
  • Double glazed windows: 710mm × 1220mm (x2)
  • Front canopy: 300mm

Glulam garage kit includes: 

  • Gates, doors and windows
  • Outer walls
  • Roofboards
  • Seven rafters
  • Second storey floorboards

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Reasons your clients should buy glulam garage George: 

Clients that move out of the city are always looking for optimal ways to expand their property. Glulam garage George is a great addition to your catalogue for clients that are looking for a spacious garage. More than that, here are the reasons they should be buying it:

  • High quality timber – this log garage can houses cars and yard equipment. With Northern pine as the primary construction material, it will also look great while doing it and stay sturdy.
  • Spacious parking – glulam garage George fits two cars with separate log gates. It also has a second floor that can be used as spacious storage space. This kind of storage saves space on the property, as it doesn’t require separate storehouse construction.
  • Inclusive kit – the standard kit for glulam garage George includes everything necessary to construct the timber frame of the log garage with the second floor.
  • Bespoke options – every car owner can have their own ideas of what their garage might look like. Your clients can feel assured with the possibility of bespoke orders that suit their needs.

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Two storey garage George

Product qualities

Just like a log house can have a striking design, so can glulam garages. These places can become more than just parking lots with a roof. They can be storage units, workshops, design rooms and so much more. It all depends on the client and what their vision is when looking at your catalogue. Rest assured that their dreams can come true on our production line. Put down a bespoke order and turn the log garage George into your customer’s dream come true. And if you want it on your portfolio, just the way it is, send us an inquiry. Also, check out our partner program to learn of the benefits you could be getting if you sign up with us.


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