Sauna Pod [2.4×4.0m]

Sauna Pod [2.4×4.0m]

Sauna Pod [2.4×4.0m]

Product qualities

 Technical Specifications:

·       Dimensions: 2.4×4.0m

·       Sauna Pod Height: 2600mm

·       Inside area: 8.6 mt. sq.

·       Changing room size: 1m or 1.5m

·       Premium Quality Nordic Pine

·       Roof covered with Premium Bitumen Shingles

·       Wall Thickness: 46mm

·       Two windows, Tempered double glazed: 295x580mm

·       Secure Lock Double Door: 1030x1900mm

·       28mm Tongue & Groove Floor

·       1 tempered double glazed door inside, separating sauna and changing room

·       2 benches inside sauna and 2 – in changing room

·       2 portable benches for the feet rest

·       Heat-resistant plates for heater/stove

·       Heater can be supplied electric or wood burning

·       The Sauna pod can be delivered fully assembled or in Flat packs.

·       Assembled pod size: 2.4mx4.0mx2.6m

·       Flat packed pod size: 1.2mx4.0mx1.2m

·       Pod weight: 2100Kg.

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