Standard Log Cabin 4x3m – Gertrude 3

Standard Log Cabin 4x3m – Gertrude 3


Dimensions: 4000mm x 3000mm
Indoor area: 10m2
Wall thickness: 28mm
Floor boards: 19mm
Roof boards: 19mm
Ridge height: 2450mm
Sidewall height: 2050mm
Front canopy: 1500mm

Additional qualities:

  • Available wall thickness: 34mm; 44mm
  • Single layer glass windows, mm: 1350 x 930; 690 x 930 (available with 28mm and 34mm walls)
  • Double layer glass windows, mm: 1350 x 930; 690 x 930 (available with 44mm walls)
  • French door size, mm: 1400 x 1900
  • Single layer French door available with 28mm and 34mm walls
  • Double layer French door available with 44mm walls
  • No finger joints
  • Single-room construction

Standard log cabin kit includes:

  • Wall boards
  • Floor boards
  • Roof boards
  • Single glazed windows and doors
  • Double glazed doors windows and doors


Reliability of a log cabin manufacturer can be determined by their standards. At Eurodita, we use Euro standards for our log cabins. Their wall thickness, construction and interior planning adhere to these high standards. This you can always advertise to your customers on your, if you choose to be our long-term partner. Our partner program is generous, offers not only high quality private label products, but also mutual growth of sales and profits. Send us a message if you’re interested and let’s talk business.


Reasons your clients should buy Glulam log cabin Gertrude 3: 

Glulam cabins from Gertrude model line are all Euro standard log cabins. They all vary in sizes and wall thickness possibilities determined by their size, but they all come with the same positive aspects and benefits as all our products:

  • Northern pine – we use this timber for all our products. It’s consistently reliable, strong and sturdy, producing the best results in construction and glue lamination.
  • Straightforward design – Gertrude 3 is a simple construct, with a single room and compact space. It also has a canopy extending over the front and forming a comfortable porch area.
  • Versatile options – Gertrude 3 comes with many wall thickness, doors and windows options that are included in the standard kit.
  • 3D building plans – for all our partners, no matter how simple the building option, produce 3D visualisations of the final product. These you can be used in your own offers to show clients the private label option they are ordering.
  • Nature-friendly – a log cabin has long been a staple of living closer to nature. Give your customers this option with every log cabin they purchase.

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Standard Log Cabin 4x3m – Gertrude 3

Product qualities

Euro standard design, front canopy for a porch and a single-room interior – these are log cabins in the Gertrude line. They come in different sizes and wall thickness, but they all share the same design and adhere to the same high standard. When sending the inquiry for a standard kit, indicate the wall thickness you will want your log cabin to be shipped to you with.

If your customers demand changes made to their Gertrude 3 log cabin, offer them its sisters in the same model line – Gertrude 1Gertrude 2Gertrude 3Gertrude 4Gertrude 5 or Gertrude 6. Each complies with the same Euro standard, but has some small differences that can make a big impact without a lot of hassle. And if that is still not enough, we have you covered: send us a bespoke order and we will make further changes to the log cabin, starting with a 3D visualisation.

If you’re also looking for a long-term, strong partnership, look through our partner program and send us a message.

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