Log Cabin with Side Shed – Bethany

Log Cabin with Side Shed – Bethany


Dimensions: 4400mm x 3000mm
Wall thickness: 45mm
Floor boards (tongue and groove): 28mm
Roof boards (tongue and groove): 19mm
Ridge height: 3030mm
Sidewall height: 2330mm

Additional qualities: 

  • Spacious side shed
  • No finger joints
  • Double glass windows and doors
  • Top Euro 28/19 standard

Standard log cabin kit includes: 

  • Wall boards
  • Floor boards
  • Roof boards
  • Double glazed windows and doors


Looking for a log cabin manufacturer who could produce classic log cabins in a timely manner? Want some unique changes every now and then? If you can’t find a partner like that, contact Eurodita. We have been in business for 27 years and have build generous partnerships with businesses of many profiles. Look through the benefits of our partner program, send us a message if you’re interested and let’s talk business!


Reasons your clients should buy Glulam log cabin Bethany: 

We have a few variations on the traditional corner log cabin. Some of them come in model lines, differing in size, but not configuration. Others are unique, yet adhering to the European standards. No matter which one your customer will require, all of them will come with the same value-adding attributes as all of our products:

  • Quality timber – even for our most classic projects we always use Norther pine. It’s a reliable, sturdy, bright-coloured timber that never lets us or our partners down.
  • Simple design – a single room with a side shed that has its own door. It’s a practical design that can serve for many purposes.
  • 3D schematics – even building a bespoke order from something as straightforward as Bethany, we always build a 3D model, so your customers can feel sure they know what they’re getting.
  • Close to nature – a cozy nook to spend long summer days is something that a lot of your customers secretly dream of. Standard log cabin Bethany can help them realise their dreams of being closer to nature.

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Log Cabin with Side Shed – Bethany

Product qualities

A single room and a side shed, with a separate door leading to it. That is the traditional log cabin Bethany. A functional building for customers that require medium size and traditional design. Add this to your portfolio as a guest room, kids playroom, full on garden shed or a workroom. It’s so versatile, you can’t go wrong. Send us an inquiry for the standard kit and a bespoke order for changes that you want to be made. We typically respond within 24 hours. That’s enough time for you to look through our partner program and learn of the benefits you could be receiving.

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