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Sauna BBQ Hut Bliss – 16.5m2

Sauna BBQ Hut Bliss – 16.5m2

External dimension: 3606mm x 3606mm
Inside area: 16.5 sq. m.
Sidewall height: 1200mm
Ridge height: 3135mm
Wall thickness: 46mm
Floorboard thickness: 28mm
Roof board thickness: 18mm
Windows size: 880mm x 510mm
Door size: 780mm x 1500mm

BBQ hut standard kit includes:

  • 3 double glazed windows – 1 window opening
  • A door with a double glazed hexagon window, a wooden handle and a lock
  • Heat-resistant plates for the heating stove
  • Stove safety fence
  • Standard BBQ set with an adjustable chimney
  • Hexagonal table around the grill
  • Roof boards covered with bitumen shingles

Additional kit details include: 

  • Harvia brand electric or wooden stove
  • Luxury grill
  • Floorboards prepped for insulation
  • A moose fur and antlers as Finish accents
  • Colourful pillows and curtains
  • A skylight
  • Wooden flowerpots
  • A firewood holster
  • Inquire through bespoke order for more options

Packaging information, m: 1p (1.2 x 3.5 x 2.6) +1p (1.2 x 1 x 1.3); weight – 1500kg

Modernity can improve even the most traditional design. That’s how we build our bespoke products: listening to our partners and applying modern concepts for interesting solutions. That is also how we built up our partner program – a classic scheme that we have improved with modern concepts. It became much more generous and our partners became happier and so did we. If you would like to join our modern partner program, send us a message and let’s talk business.

Reasons your clients should buy Sauna BBQ hut Bliss:

The slopping walls of this BBQ hut makes it look like a house of fairies. Pure bliss for your customers. And this bliss is not created accidentally, but by building in features that makes this and all our products alluring:

  • Superior variety timber – Northern pine is one of the strongest timbers to use in construction and specifically for glue lamination. It’s also light in colour, making it easy to paint in any shade.
  • Heating stove and grill included – traditional kota grill and sauna – all in one building. Yet, they are comfortably separated, allowing comfy grilling experience, as well as sauna bathing in the next room.
  • Colourful rooftop – grey, black, green or brown – these are the colours available to choose from for bitumen shingles. Our kota cabins arrive nearly finished, including its rooftop.
  • Easy assembly – due to nearly finished blocks that our kota cabins arrive in, they can be put together without any professional help.
  • Made to measure – we include many finishing touches and details with our kota cabins. This includes things like a Finish accent of a moose fur and antlers, colourful pillows and curtains, firewood holsters, a grill cover, skylights and more. We can also adjust the height of side walls by 1 or 2 planks.

Like what you see? Click the bespoke order button on the right and we’ll make you an offer.

Sauna BBQ Hut Bliss – 16.5m2

Product qualities

Offer your clients the dream of blissful moments with their friends and family. A bliss inside a fairy-like kota cabin, with relaxing sauna and fun grilling experience. It all comes in one with sauna BBQ hut Bliss. Its slopping walls add a little charm to its traditional design and it can be a welcome addition to your catalogue – something that stands out. It also functions perfectly as a Christmas cabin, a workshop, a fisherman’s hut – you name it. Send us an inquiry if you’d like to purchase this model with a standard kit. Send us a bespoke order to suit your client’s needs and we’ll send you a 3D visualisation that you can show as your own. And while you wait, go through our partner program to see if you’d like to receive perks as part of our vast partner network.

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