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Modern BBQ Hut 16.5m2 with Sauna extension 2.5m

Technical Qualities

External dimension: 7179mm x 4862mm
Inside area: 16.5 sq. m.
Extension area: 4.55 sq. m.
Sidewall height: 1200mm
Ridge height: 3830mm
Wall thickness: 46mm
Floorboard thickness: 28mm
Roof board thickness: 18mm
Windows size: 880mm x 510mm
Door size: 780mm x 1500mm
Packaging information, m: 1p (1.2 x 3.5 x 2.6) + 1p (1.2 x 2.5 x 2.6); weight – 2500kg

Additional qualities:

  • Harvia brand electric or wooden stove
  • Luxury grill
  • Floorboards prepped for insulation
  • A moose fur and antlers as Finish accents
  • Colourful pillows and curtains
  • A skylight
  • Wooden flowerpots
  • A firewood holster
  • Inquire through bespoke order for more options


Standard log cabin kit includes:

  • 3 double glazed windows – 1 window opening
  • A door with a double glazed hexagon window, a wooden handle and a lock
  • Heat-resistant plates for the heating stove
  • Stove safety fence
  • Standard BBQ set with an adjustable chimney
  • Hexagonal table around the grill
  • Roof boards covered with bitumen shingles