Log Garage Rosie

Log Garage Rosie

Dimensions: 4740mm x 5740 mm
Wall thickness: 45mm
Wall height: 2145mm
Roof pitch: 2925mm
Roof thickness: 19mm
Rafters: 5 units, each 70mm x 180mm

Additional qualities:

  • Fits a single car
  • Additional door
  • No floors
  • No windows

Glulam garage kit includes: 

  • Gates and a door
  • Outer walls
  • Roofboards
  • Five rafters

A reliable production partner that helps you increase your profits and supplies high-quality log homes, glulam garages and log cabins. Sounds good? That’s Eurodita – our 27 years of experience in private label log homes business has been successful due to our generous partner program. It allows for our partners to grow and us together with them. If you’re interested, send us a message and let’s talk business.

Reasons your clients should buy glulam garage Rosie: 

When almost every family has at least one car, a garage is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. But even a necessity has to be sold and on that note, here are some points you can use to make the sale of log garage Rosie:

  • High quality timber – just like with all our products, garages we produce are made from Northern pine – an exceptionally high-quality timber. It grows slowly, making it sturdy and primed for reforestation.
  • Optimal space – glulam garage Rosie offers optimal space for a single car.
  • Inclusive kit – the standard kit for glulam garage Rosie offers everything that is needed to put up the garage, while leaving the freedom of the floor type to the buyer.
  • Bespoke options – every car owner can have their own ideas of what their garage might look like. Your clients can feel assured with the possibility of bespoke orders that suit their needs.

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Log Garage Rosie

Product qualities

As families are getting smaller, so does the family car ownership. In this market, it’s worth having a moderate size log garage on your catalogue. Glulam garage Rosie fits the bill. It’s a garage that fits a single car, thus being perfect for a small family. Your clients can choose the ground on which to build the garage, as it comes without the floor. If you would like to add the log garage Rosie to your catalogue, send us an inquiry for the standard kit. If you have a client who’d like to make some changes to it, put down a bespoke order and we’ll get back to you with a visualisation within 24 hours. And while we’re on to it, look through our partner program and learn of the benefits you could be getting by partnering up with us.

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