Glulam Log House Stockhus

Glulam Log House Stockhus

Living area: 120.5 sq. m.
Wall thickness: 220mm
Material: Nordic timber
Wall size: 14.8m x 9.6m

Additional qualities: 

  • Double glazed doors and windows
  • Single-storey construction
  • Nordic design
  • No finger joints

Glulam house kit includes: 

  • Outside walls of chosen thickness
  • Inside walls of 90mm thickness
  • Floorboards
  • Roof boards
  • Laminated timber windows and doors

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Reasons your clients should buy Glulam log house Stockhus

We strive to never leave our partners unsupported during the sales process. Here we share some of the sales points you can use to offer your clients log house Stockhus:

  • Premium quality timber – Northern pine is a slow-growing, beautiful, strong timber, light in colour and built to survive bushfires, cyclones and earthquakes.
  • Big living space – there’s enough space for a family of three or four and even a sauna if planned well.
  • Green living – the Nordic countries boast some of the cleanest environment in the world. Living in harmony with nature in one of the log houses simply must be a contributing factor.
  • Bespoke orders – for all our glulam timber frame houses we take bespoke orders. From smallest changes to completely new, individual designs.

Like what you see? Click the bespoke order button on the right and we’ll make you an offer.

Glulam Log House Stockhus

Product qualities

Glulam log house Stockhus is a great option if your clients are looking for Swedish-inspired design. Minimalist at its core and with optimal use of space, log house Stockhus will fit the pickiest taste. With large, front doors that double as windows, your clients will have enough sunlight coming in. This means that you can offer this log house design for areas that don’t see a lot of light. If this is something you are looking for, hit that inquiry button and we will come back to you with an offer. If your client is demanding adjustments, come to us with a bespoke order and we will send you a visualisation of their dream log home. Finally, if you are looking for a reliable construction partner, check out our partner program and all its perks.

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