Glulam Log Cabin Dickinson

Glulam Log Cabin Dickinson

Dimensions: 2496mm x 4566mm
Wall thickness: 70mm
Wall height: 2295mm
Roof pitch: 3 deg. and 2435mm
Rafter dimensions: 2 units, each 70mm x 150mm
Floor thickness: 28mm
Roof thickness: 20mm
Roof area: 14.6 sq. m.

Additional qualities: 

  • No finger joints
  • Double glazed windows: 710mm x 1560mm (x2), 900mm x 1930mm
  • Double glazed doors:1410mm x 1930 mm
  • Canopy size: 200mm

Glulam log cabin kit includes: 

  • Floorboards
  • Roof boards and rafters
  • External walls
  • Laminated timber windows and doors



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Reasons your clients should buy log cabin Dickinson: 

Selling a garden shed might not sound too hard. Yet with an item so common in some countries, you can easily run out of good sales points to use. As your partners, we are here to help and we present several great reasons why your clients should be buying the log cabin Dickinson:

  • Premium quality timber – we construct all of our products using Northern pine – a light-coloured, strong wood that grows slowly and in doing so, helps us maintain the environment.
  • Great storage space – this log cabin can easily fit a lawn mower, a watering hose and many gardening tools.
  • Long-term investment – a shed built with glulam will be sturdy and last many years. Your clients will not need to replace it if they take care of it properly.
  • Bespoke orders – if your clients require even larger log cabins for storage, shoot us a bespoke order and we will get back to you with options.

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Glulam Log Cabin Dickinson

Product qualities

Looking to sell garden sheds, big and small? Doing business in an area with many private homes and gardens? Our private label log cabins for storage might be exactly what you are looking for. Made from sturdy materials, long lasting and exceptional in quality, they will make a great addition to your portfolio. Log cabin Dickinson is no exception. Its optimal storage space and classic outer design will be appealing to many clients. Send us an inquiry if you know exactly the customer who’d want this model. If you see any changes that need to be made, shoot us a bespoke oder and we will get back to you with visualisations. Also look through the perks you can get when partnering up with us. Check out our partner program for more information and shoot us a message.

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