BBQ Hut Sauna Cabin 7m2

BBQ Hut Sauna Cabin 7m2

BBQ Hut Sauna Cabin 7m2

Product qualities

Technical Specifications:

The timber used: Pinewood/untreated

External dimension: 2841x2841mm

Inside area: 7m²

Sidewall height: 1460mm

Ridge height: 3280mm

Wall thickness 46mm

2 Double glazed hexagon windows

Door with the double glazed hexagon window, wooden handle and the lock

Door size: 780x1500mm

Floorboards 18mm thickness

Roof boards 18mm thickness

Inside benches

Safety fence

Heat-resistant plates for the heater/stove

Roof covered with bitumen shingles

The octagonal shape of the BBQ cabins can be used as garden sheds, summer residences, workshops, fishers’ huts, camping houses, restaurants, Christmas cabins and for many other purposes.

Packing information: 11.2 x 2.8 x 2.6, weight 1100kg

Bespoke Order
Tailor our products to your needs.
Eco solution
For the businesses driven by innovation, our BBQ Hut Sauna Cabin 7m2 is the eco solution that satisfies the needs of both — your customer and our planet. We use only non-toxic materials that prove friendly to the user. This is especially true for our homes, cabins and other indoors — Nordic timber maintains a high indoor air quality, so Timber products fit even the most allergenic of explorers.
Our products are easy to set up — in most cases, they do not require any site preparation, saving you building costs. And to top it all off, there is no finger joint. Cabins, Mobile Homes, Carports, Garages or Camping Pods — you name it, we’ll have it. And if the product does not fully satisfy your needs, we will design one just for you. A ten year anti-root guarantee provided.
Premium quality timber.
Our timber is Nordic, breathing pure natural energy from the Earth’s most distant and picturesque locations. It boasts all the virtues a human can aspire— strength, durability, and pleasing ambience that all beautifully blend into a sleek design.
Safe for any environment.
At Eurodita, we pride ourselves with building structures that last. Constructed from Nordic timber, our products are built tough to outlast bushfires, cyclones and earthquakes. Genuine timber structures ensure versatility and adaptability to any terrain, be it a sandy beach or a rocky mountain — the Timber design fits well and provides a premium feel.
Green living.
The emerging log home marketplace has a definite shift towards ecologically sensitive travelling. This is especially true for vacation property managers whose customers have demonstrated that the market demands environmentally friendly homes. We deliver a combination of green performance, energy savings, and ensure that any significant carbon footprints are restricted.