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Double BBQ Hut 9.2m2 + corridor – Affinity

Double BBQ Hut 9.2m2 + corridor – Affinity

External dimension: 8415mm x 3770mm
Inside area: 2x 9.2 sq. m.
Corridor area: 3.38 sq. m.
Sidewall height: 1200mm
Ridge height: 2900mm
Wall thickness: 46mm
Floorboard thickness: 19mm
Roof board thickness: 18mm
Door size: 780mm x 1500mm

BBQ hut standard kit includes:

  • 7 double glazed windows – 3 windows opening
  • A door with a double glazed hexagon window, a wooden handle and a lock
  • Standard BBQ set with an adjustable chimney
  • Hexagonal table around the grill
  • Roof boards covered with bitumen shingles

Additional kit details include: 

  • Luxury grill
  • 28mm floorboards prepped for insulation
  • A moose fur and antlers as Finish accents
  • Benches
  • Colourful pillows and curtains
  • A skylight
  • Wooden flowerpots
  • A firewood holster
  • Inquire through bespoke order for more options


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Reasons your clients should buy Double BBQ hut Affinity:

Offer your clients the luxury option of indoor grilling together with a dinning area. A great party space, possible to be converted into sleepover space. Not to mention all the general benefits your customers will be receiving with any of our kota cabins:

  • Sturdy timber – we use Northern pine as the main resource for building all of our products. It’s incredibly sturdy, durable, soft in colour and regrows slowly, giving time for reforestation.
  • Full set – traditional kota cabin has a grill in the middle, surrounded by a hexagonal table. All that comes with a standard kit for all our kota cabins.
  • Rooftop colour – grey, black, green or brown – let your client choose one of these colours that are available with the standard kit.
  • Do-it-yourself assembly – our kota cabins reach you or your client in nearly finished blocks that simply need to be put together on the spot and require no professional help.
  • Order bespoke – finishing touches and details, things like a Finish accent of a moose fur and antlers, colourful pillows and curtains, firewood holsters, a grill cover, skylights and more. All of these details can be mixed and matched when ordering, not to mention design and size changes. We can even adjust the height of side walls by 1 or 2 planks as a standard order.

Like what you see? Click the bespoke order button on the right and we’ll make you an offer.

Double BBQ Hut 9.2m2 + corridor – Affinity

Product qualities

Double BBQ hut Affinity offers your customers the possibility to own a double kota cabin that is smaller in size, but has all the same benefits as the rest of our offers. It’s the cozy option in your catalogue, equipped to handle traditional kota grill experience, modern dinning area and is relatively compact. It can also be used as a Christmas cabin, with room for activities, a fisherman’s hut, a gardener’s storage place, or even a small summer residence. Let us know if you’d like a standard kit to be added to your portfolio by sending us an offer. Lay out a bespoke order if you’d like some changes made. Wait 24 hours for the 3D visualisations and in the meantime, check out our partner program for more benefits.

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