Bespoke Log Cabin 4.5×7.5m, 70mm

Bespoke Log Cabin 4.5×7.5m, 70mm

Dimensions: 4500mm x 7500mm
Interior dimensions: 4160mm x 7160mm
Wall thickness: 70mm
Floorboards: 28mm
Roof boards: 19mm
Ridge height: 2470mm
Sidewall height: 2210mm

Additional qualities:

  • Residential type, tilt & turn windows
  • Residential type, double glazed door (outside)
  • No finger joints

Standard log cabin kit includes:

  • Wallboards
  • Floorboards
  • Roof boards
  • Double glazed windows and doors

Bespoke Log Cabin 4.5×7.5m, 70mm

Product qualities

Eurodita produces both standard and exclusive products according to customer requirements. We produce wooden houses in wall thicknesses of 19mm; 28mm; 35mm; 45mm; 58mm; 70mm; 88mm; 138mm; 180mm; 220mm. Quality laminated wood windows with double glazing.

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