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BBQ Hut Fairy – 4.5m2

BBQ Hut Fairy – 4.5m2

External dimension: 2278mm x 2278mm
Inside area: 4.5 sq. m.
Sidewall height: 1200mm
Ridge height: 2574mm
Wall thickness: 46mm
Floorboard thickness: 19mm
Roof board thickness: 18mm
Windows size: 880mm x 510mm
Door size: 780mm x 1500mm

BBQ hut standard kit includes:

  • 3 double glazed windows – 1 window opens
  • A door with a double glazed hexagon window, a wooden handle and a lock
  • Standard BBQ set with an adjustable chimney
  • A table fitted around the BBQ
  • Benches around the grill
  • Roof boards covered with bitumen shingles

Additional kit details include: 

  • Luxury grill options for professional grillers
  • 28mm floorboards that can be prepped for insulation
  • A moose fur and antlers as Finish accents
  • Colourful pillows and curtains
  • A skylight
  • Wooden flowerpots
  • A firewood holster
  • A grill cover
  • Inquire through bespoke order for more options

Packaging information: 1.2 x 2.0 x 2.3; weight – 1000kg

Keeping up with housing and summer residence trends can be tricky. New ideas can pop up at any time and become popular over a season. Luckily, at Eurodita, we keep up with all trends and can offer you private label homes, BBQ huts and log cabins that are modern and impressive. Through our generous partner program, in addition to your profit rise and bespoke private label production, we can also reach an agreement of sales area exclusivity. If you’re interested, send us a message and let’s talk business!

Reasons your clients should buy BBQ hut Fairy:

Hailing from Finland, kota grills come in many shapes and sizes. BBQ hut Fairy is the tiniest option, perfect for a customer who is looking for a smaller investment, but good quality. With our products, you can offer them both and more:

  • High-quality timber – for all of our products, we use the Northern pine. It’s a sturdy, slow-growing tree that has a remarkably light colour. It’s a great material and one that grows slowly, giving enough time for reforestation.
  • Grill included – with all of our standard kits, we include the grill set with an adjustable chimney, as well as benches and the table that fits around the grill.
  • Roof finish – the set includes almost finished roof with bitumen shingles included of desired colour (grey, black, green or brown).
  • Easy assembly – BBQ huts arrive to the location in blocks, ready to be put together on the spot. It can be easily assembled without professional help.
  • Bespoke orders – we have many variations available for our kota grills: luxury grill options for professional grillers, a Finish accent of the moose fur and antlers, colourful pillows and curtains, firewood holsters, a grill cover, skylights and more. We can also adjust the height of side walls by 1 or 2 planks.

Like what you see? Click the bespoke order button on the right and we’ll make you an offer.

BBQ Hut Fairy – 4.5m2

Product qualities

Nothing speaks more of summer fun than grilling. But what if your clients could do it all year round? A great way to achieve this is with BBQ hut Fairy. Its compact design will fit most properties and it will deliver the Finish experience of social grilling. With every inclusive and versatile kit, your customers will be happy to build it up themselves, as it’s an easy process that doesn’t require professional help.

Alternatively, kota grills can be sold as garden sheds, workshops, fishermen’s huts, restaurant seating areas, Christmas cabins and for many other purposes. Check out the number of options available from our catalogue and send us an inquiry for a standard kit. If you want some changes made, shoot us a bespoke order with your customer’s wishes and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours. You will be able to use our 3D visualisations in your own offers. And in the meanwhile, check out our partner program and learn why it’s worth signing up with us.

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