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Camping pod – an eco-friendly approach to camping

With the rise of issues with climate change, holiday makers around Europe increasingly choose to spend their free time locally. This trend has given rise to glamping – a form of camping where comforts like shower and kitchen are made available to you. Glamping sites have popped up all over Europe and they provide the full camping experience to travellers.

The glamping sites provide accommodation primarily in a form of camping pods. These pods that we at Eurodita also produce are a great, eco-friendly choice for a real, cozy camping experience. We are a huge proponent of such camping sites, not only because it brings people closer to nature. It also allows to do so in comfort and without damaging the surroundings. In this post, we will cover some of the pros of staying in a camping pod on a glamping side.

Long-term solution

Every camping pod ever built by us or any other glamping pod producer is a long-term investment. They are sturdy, clean easily and with right maintenance will last for decades. All glamping sites will be built with a long-term use in mind. This will save not such money, but also nature surrounding the site. In traditional camping, there are a lot of trash left after each camping group. On glamping sites, trash and non-composting materials will be removed immediately, causing minimal damage to the environment.

Production of glamping pods is another green solution. Right now, a vast majority of timber sources are renewable, meaning that trees used for production are replanted. This makes pods much more environmentally friendly to produce than tents. Also, simple wood doesn’t have any added chemicals in it that would contaminate the soil around it. Overall, it’s a truly long-term, green solution for camping or personal use.

Comfortable camping experience

Glamping is a word derived by mixing glamorous and camping together. This is not derogatory at all and simply means you can have all the traditional camping experience without the hassle. Sites that offer glamping are a comfortable way to stay outdoors and in nature without having mundane chores surrounding it. They will not require you to spend hours erecting a tent which can be challenging. You will not need to worry if the site location is fit for camping.

Additionally, you will have access to clean running water and a place to cook food. Of course, it all depends on the services offered by glamping site. Whichever it is, for sure you will have a sturdy roof over your head. Camping pods, although small, are comfortable, cozy and aesthetically pleasing. They guarantee a pleasant stay, no matter where they are situated.

Attachable eco-friendly utilities

If you’re looking for your own camping pod for sale, there are great advantages in the experience. All camping pods can have eco-friendly utilities attached to them. For example, portable solar collectors for small electric appliances and electric heating. If you order from Eurodita, we can also prepare the pods to be insulated, if you’re looking to use them outside summer season. There are also ways to bring running water into the camping pod, making it comfortable 24/7, throughout the year.

 Social experience 

If you’re looking to go for such glamping site, remember that it’s also a social experience. Such sites build many luxury camping pods, sometimes with shared cooking zones. Not to mention trekking and walking trails that are available for groups to go on. Some sites even organise common exercise routines outside or encourage everyone to join in team games. It’s a great way to make new friends with your neighbours or come together with a larger group of people yourself.

If you’re looking for a more isolated time to spend in nature, some sites offer remote camping pods to avoid other campers. No shame in wanting some alone time, just know that these experiences are usually more costly.

Glamping, while a relatively new way to camp out in nature, is a great choice for the environmentally conscious. Not only do you reduce your carbon footprint by not flying with an airplane, but you will also support your local business and community. More than that, it’s a great way to experience more nature and make new friends along the way. Good luck!

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