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Cabin interior: interesting styles and must-have items

If you’re about to purchase a contemporary log home kit, inevitably, you will need to design the interior. It’s a chance to really get into your creative side and realise your dream log home. Understandably, the task of designing the interior of your log home yourself can seem daunting. However, in the case of hiring an interior designer, you will still need to direct and explain your vision.

At Eurodita, we primarily deal with the exterior design of all our log cabins. Yet, due to our long-term experience working in this field, we do have a thing or two to advise on the interior design as well. In this post, we will go through some design elements and choices you can take into consideration. Whether you’re buying a small cabin kit or a full glulam beams house, these interior design decisions and elements can help you achieve your log cabin dream.

Show off the light wood

In all our designs, we use Northern pine exclusively and are obviously biased about this design advice. The light wood that comes from this type of pine is truly refreshing. We recommend leaving the wooden planks in their natural state, only adding a layer of protective, transparent paint. Let the natural beauty of the wood shine. Don’t clutter the walls with a lot of detail, chose low and functional furniture. Your log home will look open and refreshing.

Whitewashing wooden walls

This method creates a very modern look for your contemporary log cabin decor. Here, instead of using a simple white paint, the wooden beams are washed, preserving the unique texture of wooden planks. This creates a modern, distressed look to the walls. Whitewashing opens up small spaces and further enlarges big ones. It can also be used as a way to expand truly tiny areas and give the impression they’re larger than they actually are. For example, a reading nook might need to have more light or appear bigger. Or a guest room that needs more space – this might be solved with whitewashing. It’s definitely a great option for a tiny cabin or even a garden room.

This solution can be a great pocket pick for solutions to small spaces. However, if you’re looking for a rustic feel, whitewashing might not be a good option. It’s designed to give a more modern feel to even the most rustic small log cabin designs.

Ceiling space – use of striking beams

If you’re going for a larger made to measure summer house, using beams might be an ideal solution. It’s a great way to fill in large ceiling spaces. If you leave the beams raw and untreated, they will pop out and make a striking impression. If you’re unsure if you can use beams, you should always consult your log cabin supplier for this possibility. It’s a truly unique interior design detail for any log cabin.

Use of stone – floor and mantelpiece

Stone is strong and durable, and makes for a great, striking impression when used in a log cabin. It hardly scratches and can sustain multiple hits. Use of stone, when paired with wood, will give the impression that you’re staying outside without actually going out.

When used on the ground floor, stone will leave a lasting impression of strength and long-term durability. Another great and creative way to utilise stone is to build a mantelpiece for your fireplace out of it. If you opt for whole stones, the mantelpiece will have a raw look of wilderness. If you go for stone tiles, it will create a unique, attractive pattern. Either way, using stone on the fireplace will surely make it the centrepiece of your log house.

Use of rustic elements

To fully go for the rustic feel, try using small rustic elements that will help you get there. For example, in the bathroom, use an old, clean bucket instead of the sink. While harmless to use and still comfortable, it will have the added benefit of making you feel like you’re in the olden days. Also, look for faucet and piping designs that look raw and untreated. Substitute wall lamps for lanterns with light bulbs inside of them. Decorate with fur. Choose raw wood furniture for bedroom and guest rooms, together with blankets of rustic patterns. These small elements, distributed around the house will make it look and feel old, without sacrificing the new.

All in all, it’s up to your imagination to make the design choices. Whichever log cabin you purchase, take in the space you have and visualise what you can do with it. Your dream bespoke log home is just around the corner. Good luck!