Best activities to host in a log cabin

Posted Apr 26, 2020, Category: Lists

Building a log cabin is already a challenge. Even if you hire a crew to build it for you, there are always issues to worry about. At the top of the list is always the location of your log cabin. Picking a good one is important. Especially if you want your new log home to represent and serve your interests and hobbies.

In this post, we will go through several possible locations and what parties you can host there. Each type is entirely dependant on the location your bespoke log home is situated. Log cabins produced at Eurodita travel all over the world and reach various landscapes. Perhaps one is going to be suitable for you.

Skiing party 

There are few things quite like skiing. The thrill of going down the mountain, the feel of snow and refreshing cold. After a day of excitement, the best way to relax is in a warm and cozy log cabin, with a happily crackling fireplace and a good company. It’s a common practice to build glulam beams houses near skiing slopes and it’s arguably the most rewarding experience. In this case, it’s a great option to build large log homes with many bedrooms to host great skiing trips.

Foraging party 

A bit less usual but no less fun activity. Foraging the forest for mushrooms and berries can be a great and rewarding entertainment, especially if done in a group. Contemporary residential log cabins for this purpose are usually built near the forest. This opens up great possibilities for views of the misty forest around you. Take care to install large windows that allow you to observe the stunning nature around you. Discuss with the supplier so that your glulam timber frame house would be bespoke or could be standard, but of the right design.

Lakeside party 

Another common location for a bespoke summer house. Lakeside huts made from glulam timber frame are a truly great experience. They can either be small, just for a family of two, or large, with many rooms for a big party. Lakeside glulam log cabins can also provide a great view of the surrounding area, so make sure it is bespoke, or of the right design. there are great options for standard log cabins as well, so do consider that before ordering bespoke.

Summer resort commune 

Not such a common way of spending summer, but can surely be a social one. In a commune, where each have their own bespoke summer houses, families and friends can gather to grow their own gardens and share the beauty of summer. In this case, the size of your glulam log home will depend on the size of land you choose to rent or buy. According to that, it’s important to choose a log house of the right size and design. One thing’s for sure, you will never feel alone or isolated.

Hunting parties 

Very similar to the foraging parties, but your activity is going to be much different. Hunting lodges are usually large houses built with glulam. They can host two families or more and are decorated with a lot of fur and trophies. A huge mantelpiece is the centre of the house and imagine that over it, there’s your most prized trophy, overlooking your guests.

Trekking parties

If you’re into walking long distances, a rest at your very own glulam beams house might be the reward you’re looking for. Placed strategically, at the end of a trekking trail, a glulam home can be a great finishing touch and a worthwhile reward. These types of log homes could be small, so long as they contain a bed and a small fridge to get cool drinks from. A dream bespoke summer house is closer than you think. You just need to walk over and purchase it.

There are so many more activities that can be hosted in a log house. Placed at the right spot, your contemporary log cabin can realise your wildest dreams. Discuss which type of log house is best for you. Check out what types of contemporary log homes for sale are available and speak with your log home supplier. They can advise you the best design based on your interests or offer a bespoke option that will fit your needs and wants exactly. Good luck!