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BBQ Hut With Reindeer Hide Sloping Walls

Posted Nov 10, 2022


If you’ve ever had the desire to have a barbecue hut with sloping walls, you’re not alone. This type of structure is common and is perfect for outdoor entertaining. Many of the materials used are natural, such as wood and reindeer hide.

Reindeer hide

Having a BBQ hut with reindeer hide-sloping walls is a unique way to enjoy the great outdoors and cook great food. Reindeer hides are soft and luxurious. The hollow hair and luxurious markings on the skin make these hides ideal for outdoor and indoor use. In addition to providing an attractive and comfortable surface for cooking and eating, reindeer hides are sustainable and help preserve the Sami culture.

Another popular way to decorate a BBQ hut is with a Nordic theme. This style is easy to find and works well with the timber cabins of Scandinavia. Marimekko fabrics are also a good choice, as they give the hut a contemporary Nordic feel. If you want to make the hut reversible, a Moomin theme would be an excellent choice.

A cosy BBQ hut is a perfect addition to any outdoor event. They can accommodate up to 15 people. Many of these outdoor structures come with seats made of reindeer hide. A cosy hut is perfect for any season. Whether it’s summer or winter, a cosy BBQ hut is the perfect outdoor retreat.


The Cor-ten barbecue hut is one of the most impressive barbecue huts available on the market today. Its 45mm thick tongue and groove walls, 28mm thick timber floor and 18mm thick roof make this a very sturdy and durable barbecue hut. It also features a luxury COR-TEN barbecue grill and barbecue tools. It also has three double-glazed windows and a lockable door.

Its overall dimensions are 13’9″ x 14’11”, with a door that measures 25-5/8″ x 57-7/8″. It’s design and size make it a wonderful addition to any property. Its sloping walls give it a cosy feel that is perfect for outdoor events.

The Finnish BBQ hut with sloping walls is delivered unassembled but can be assembled by two men in less than eight hours. A set of instructions is included and the kit comes with all of the components necessary for assembly. The Finlandia BBQ Hut has 3 double-glazed windows, and its door is secured by a high-quality mortice lock with two keys.

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