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Animals, log houses and homes items to be considered

Animals, particularly dogs are often our family members and dear friends. We carry them everywhere we go, and the log homes are no exception. There are a myriad of ways to set up the design of a glulam home so that it can include the needs and lives of our beloved pets. In this article the team at Eurodita want to share our knowledge about making contemporary log house plans that are designed with pets in the forefront of our thoughts. We will discuss the various architectural and design options that can use to benefit yourself as well as your pet and the best way to build your own private label home to meet this need.

Areas designated as outdoor

The most fundamental and possibly the most essential aspect of keeping an animal in a log house is providing a place for the dog to conduct its work. The call of nature is common and living in an apartment can be a challenge. However, if you decide to move to a traditional log cabin, it is possible to set aside an outside area for your pet. You must accept that this area will be known as the “mud space” and here your dog will conduct its business. It’s okay. So long as you teach your dog to make use of the space.

The second important thing to create outside is a place to wash. Each time your dog comes back after playing outdoors, it’s likely to return with dirt, mud fleas, etc. The best way to be sure that the inside of your home is clean is to wash your dog in a specific area. Set up a hose, or a bucket corner where you can wash and dry your dog before he goes into the.

Interior design choices

Create a mudroom. It’s a great way to ensure there aren’t any footprints of paws across your log home. Like most times, it might be raining outside. Or your dog might locate a source of water and decide to dip. It could also go through your meticulously tended cucumber patch. However, whatever they do they do, we enjoy them, but we are always looking for ways to minimize the damage inside. A mudroom that has an appropriate towel placed on your floor can be an ideal solution to clean up quickly in cases where a complete wash isn’t needed. It could be situated at the entry point to your log cabin made of glulam or on your front porch.

Be sure to have a shower that is walk-in. For big washes, such as the dog shampoo or to get rid of fleas walking into showers is the best option. They’re also extremely cozy for humans as well and look stylish in your modern log cabin décor. Install one shower on the first floor in case your log cabin is bigger and make it a design with doors that open and close however, the entire structure offering enough room for your pet.

Make sure you have sufficient storage space. If your pet is on the bigger side, there’s a particular problem that keeps coming to mind – dog food. It’s more economical to purchase it in big bags of 50lbs however, where can you keep it? And, most importantly, how do you keep it in so that your furry companion isn’t likely to take it away? When you design your modern log home designs, make sure to make sure you have a compartment that is designed specifically designed for this reason. It is important to ensure that your pet won’t be attracted to steal food when it’s not feeding time . Also, maintain your unique log cabin kitchen tidy and tidy.

Set up a food area. Similar to washing areas and other designated areas such as the kitchen, the area for feeding should be the same with bowls for food and drinking water. In order to prevent a chaos and disorder within your tranquil customized log cabin. If you’re hesitant from investing in a bespoke kitchen for your log cabin, you can simply create the space as a “dog room” where all food items can be stored safely.

Little things are important

To make sure your pet feels like a true part of your custom-designed summer home the secret lies in the little details. What better way to set up a lovely collar decor on the wall to match the overall rustic theme. It will add an orderly feel to the log home and showcase your status as a the pet owner. You could consider setting up a comfortable sleeping area, complete with an enormous pillow, perhaps near the fireplace. Consider the possibility of a pet who is having difficulty getting up the stairs. There are some great stair glues that offer resistance when walking on the surface that is slippery. They don’t damage wood, and can aid in helping your pet climb on the upper floors.

We all cherish our pets and do to do our best to take good and good care of them. When you are building an entirely new home, such as the glulam timber frame home it can be difficult in integrating our furry friends into our daily life. However, with just a few points and careful planning you can make a huge the difference. Discuss in conjunction with the log cabin maker the best way to get your log cabin more suited to your pet’s needs, and you. Best of luck!

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