All about the wonderful made to measure summer houses

Posted May 12, 2021, Category: Advice

To some extent, everyone is dreaming about the possibility to have a summer retreat. That the biggest reason why made to measure summer houses are and have been so popular. It’s a place of rest, respite, a way for people to unplug from their daily lives and even spend some time in nature. And doing so in the warmest season of the year has its benefits. So, if you’re considering purchasing one of made to measure summer houses, or you are a log homes supplier, looking to add such summer houses to your portfolio – in this article, we will cover some basic information about summer homes and how to go about purchasing them.

Summer houses vs Standard log cabins

First thing to cover are the differences between summer houses and glulam log cabins. While it can be that standard log cabins serve as summer houses, usually there are some distinct differences. First, summer houses don’t necessarily need to be insulated. Thinner walls may not protect against the cold in autumn or winter, but they will serve just fine during the warm summer.

Made to measure summer houses
Made to measure summer houses come in many shapes and sizes

Second, windows and doors of the made to measure summer houses may be thinner, single layer models. This too is done with the idea that such houses are inhabited only during the summer months.

Then there’s the size. While summer houses can be built in full size, most summer houses are designed as smaller spaces. This is largely due to the fact that summer houses are there for the most basic functions, while most of the time is spent outside.

Lastly, all of those aspects come down to the price. Thinner walls, windows and doors, smaller space shave off extra costs. No insulation also reduces costs of made to measure summer houses significantly. Going even further, such summer houses can be constructed easier and quicker than full glulam log cabins.

How made to measure summer houses are built

When ordering flat-packed summer houses, they arrive to the construction area in pre-assembled parts. This applies to summer houses that are standard in design, making their delivery and construction pretty short. Another positive aspect of standard designs is that there’s much to choose from. We at Eurodita are constantly filling up our catalogue with new designs that your customers can choose from, or you can ask your log homes supplier to provide the designs you like.

Made to measure summer houses
More modern approach to made to measure summer houses

However, made to measure summer houses are popular for a reason. Personalized design of log cabins and log houses creates a possibility for people to live out their summerhouse dreams. Ordering bespoke summer houses is not too difficult either, but it does require a log homes supplier that takes such bespoke orders. You will have to know the size of the summer house you can build. You will also need to have a general idea of the design of the structure. It’s also important to inform your supplier of the functions of the rooms your summer house will have to contain, so they can offer the best possible option.

Final thoughts

Made to measure summer houses are not an unattainable dream these days. In fact, due to their popularity, these buildings are becoming increasingly affordable, with more demand on the way. Glue lamination process that allows us to build such design variety also gives the opportunity to the buyers to really personalize their summer house designs.

It’s also an opportunity to log home suppliers. It’s yet another option to offer on your catalogue and as part of your services. Whether you choose to offer standard designs or bespoke options, it’s a great addition that will attract happy customers. We at Eurodita are always open to suppliers, looking for made to measure summer houses production partners. Reach out to us if that’s you and let’s talk business!