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Glulam log cabins: look for new ideas in a classic concept

When talking about log cabins, a lot of people imagine classic buildings from whole round timber logs. Sometimes the logs are large and heavy, sometimes smaller, but the essence is the same. But with advancement in material design and production technology, new timber possibilities arise.

Glulam log cabins now offer greater advantages than standard log cabins. The longevity, aesthetics, and sustainability are all modern aspects of glulam house construction that serve as advantages for their owners. Arguments for glulam log cabins are compiling on their own, so in this post, we will review them in a single list

Advantages of stronger timber

Glue lamination process strengthens the timber like nothing else. It links the planks together, making them up to 70% stronger than log houses built from whole trees. The glue helps keep the shape of the wood, preventing it from bending over time. It also prevents shrinking, which is achieved through drying out the glulam planks and stopping the evaporation of moisture. Overall, the glulam timber stands the test of time much better than standard log cabins.

Architectural & aesthetic freedom

Contemporary Log Home Ullswater
Contemporary Log Home Ullswater

With glue lamination comes freedom to create and build. Glulam planks can be shapes into almost any length and width. This gives the opportunity to create wondrous designs and interesting spaces. Made to measure log cabins, built using glulam timber, are not limited by size. They can be turned into lavish residences, or built to house a small family for a short summertime vacation. The freedom of design is also at hand. The light Northern pine that Eurodita uses provides a sleek look that can be painted over in any colour. The lightness of the wood will not change the hue of the colour as normal timber would.

Glulam log cabins can be produced without deviation in size. Whereas standard logs differ in sizes due to the natural growth of trees, glulam planks can be shaped into perfectly even pieces that fit together. This eliminates the need to hide the differences and eases the process of interior design and construction.

Good insulation

The natural properties of the wood are maintained during the glue lamination process. Glulam planks still provide great insulation inside houses built with glulam. Because of the natural heat accumulation properties of the wood, glulam log cabins can provide safeguard from heat during summer, and reduce heating needs by several degrees during winter. Timber also helps to maintain a balanced indoor microclimate. This is achieved through timber’s natural ability to absorb excess moisture and smells, and then give them away once the wood dries up. This is still possible with glue laminated timber.

Sustainability of glulam log cabins

Bespoke Glulam Log Cabin Summertime
Bespoke Glulam Log Cabin Summertime

Glue lamination process has zero known effects on the environment. It doesn’t pollute and doesn’t deteriorate fast. The maintenance needs are minimal, although just like with any building, glulam log cabins will last longer when properly taken care of. Even the smallest log cabin can be just as sustainable as bespoke residential log cabins if built with glulam.

Final thoughts

Standard log cabins are not going anywhere. They’re so deeply integrated in the collective idea of what rural living is and how to get closer to nature. However, it’s always advisable to look for new solutions, even in the most classic of ideas. The world is not standing still, there are new advances in material sciences, new design trends available for people to implement into their everyday lives. Glulam log cabins are also here to stay. They are here to buck some trends, offer new and innovative ideas about rural living, sustainability and our connection to nature. We at Eurodita are happy to contribute to this movement.