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A Summerhouse With Side Shed Is a Great Way to Extend Your Living Space

summerhouse with side shed

A side shed attached to a summerhouse can be a fantastic way to increase the living area of your house. Its long windows provide beautiful views of your garden and permit plenty of sunlight to flood. This is also an ideal choice for a garden-oriented space or office. Wide double doors are convenient for access and can be opened to let in a pleasant, airy summer day.

Tianna log cabin

The BillyOh Tianna Log Cabin Summerhouse is a modern and practical summerhouse with ample space for the central area. The structure is multi-purpose and can be used for gardening equipment and tools and as a shed for storage. A spacious side door provides excellent access and security as the wall’s internal movable structure offers more storage space. Friends and family can use the summerhouse to unwind and enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery.

This Tianna Log Cabin Summerhouse is constructed with an 11mm Tongue Groove floor and a roof. The roof can be upgraded or floored up to 19mm if you’d like to boost the strength of your structure. You can also pressure treat your summerhouse to prolong its lifespan and reduce the need for maintenance.

The interior of a summerhouse isn’t big enough to divide it into different rooms. This is why a side shed will come in handy. Additionally, the summerhouse can be expanded into an open terrace. An open deck is appealing and gives easy access to the garden and a breathtaking perspective of your kids and the surroundings.

Adley 11 7′ Chelsea corner summerhouse

This garden retreat is compact and fits in the part of a more miniature garden. It’s perfect for homeowners with smaller gardens. It offers a range of high-end features like double-glazed windows with 12mm tongue and groove cladding and a strong, FSC(r)-certified internal wooden frame. This summerhouse is ideal for multi-purpose and has a 10-year warranty against the onset of rot.

Its superior build quality and top-quality features make its premium build quality and features make the Adley Chelsea corner summerhouse an intelligent option. It can be bought at a price of just P800. A stylish summerhouse can enhance the look of your house, even if it doesn’t have a garden.

This summerhouse’s structure is sturdy, durable timber that offers ample storage room. Its door can be locked and closed. The roof’s steep slope and large windows let lots of light into the inside of the summer house.

Mercia’s Corner Summerhouse

Mercia’s corner garden house with side storage is a stylish feature to add to the garden. Its size is 11 feet by 7 feet, and it has an optional side shed. Its huge windows, and French doors, let natural lighting fill the space, making it an airy and bright room.

The corner summerhouse has been built to last, and it is constructed of sturdy and sturdy timber. It’s also straightforward to decorate. You will need two people for the final assembly. Instructions are available. The warranty spans ten years. It will make a perfect summerhouse, office, or garden gym.

Outside, the summerhouse has a waterproof roofing material that can shield the structure from weather and elements. The system is made of a vertical tongue-and-groove board and a shiplap profile. This creates strong as well as weatherproofed walls. The panel’s interior is strengthened by thick wood framing, ensuring it remains rigid in even the most severe conditions. Extra storage space can be found in the side shed. The double doors let you contain larger garden equipment inside.

Woodpro’s Corner Summerhouse

The Woodpro’s corner Summerhouse, which has an additional store on the side, provides a functional outside lounge and a spot to store your garden tools and equipment. It is compact and easy to build and will save space. This unique design also allows it to be used as storage. It is possible to select from various sizes and styles and high-quality materials.

It is possible to build the summerhouse with garden slabs or solid ground. It has an 11×7 sunroom corner with side sheds attached on either side. The frame is made from thick 1″x1 inch of wood, which makes it solid and secure. It also features a roof overhang. It also has a portable, stable base that doesn’t require concrete.


The Tianna summerhouse serves as a dual design, having a large main room and a side shed. Modern design and huge windows provide stunning views and a feeling of openness. It is an excellent summerhouse that can be used for storage or workshop use. It has plenty of storage.

Doors constructed of polypropylene reinforced with twin-lined polypropylene may be opened to allow for the natural summer weather. The stainless-steel locking system provides added security. It’s made of high-density resin. The sheets of floor interlink and form a foundation. The walls prevent the entry of pests, debris as well as rainwater from coming in.

The large double doors and windows offer a stunning view of the gardens. It has a cosy appearance, and you could make it a garden studio or office. Its side shed provides a smaller area, which makes it perfect for storing bicycles or garden tools. The side shed will not be a problem for the summerhouse.

Tianna’s summerhouse with a wood-concrete corner

Its Billyoh Tianna Summerhouse is a modern, practical outdoor summerhouse with a shed on the side. Its multi-functional, dual-purpose layout makes it an ideal alternative for storing garden tools and other equipment. This building’s practicality is not simply appreciated; it has also been pressure treated to reduce the maintenance required.

The summerhouse comes with an unboarded door providing easy accessibility and safety. Additionally, you can add storage space by eliminating the wall inside. It is a great storage place for bikes or other gardening tools. However, the area inside your summerhouse is always evident.

Large styrene windows allow natural light to enter the Wooden Corner Summerhouse. The 2×1 wood framing is strong and guarantees that the structure remains strong.

Waltons 11′ x 7′ Chelsea corner summerhouse

If you’re searching for a summerhouse with incredible sights and storage space, look at the Waltons 11’x7′ Chelsea Corner Summerhouse with Side Shed. This summerhouse offers a breathtaking panorama of the garden and double doors, which allow you to access the underground storage. The summerhouse is constructed of solid materials and finished with tongue-and-groove-clad (12mm). It is a stylish addition to any backyard. The summerhouse comes with a 10-year warranty against rot.

The summerhouse has full-length glazed double doors as well as long-glazed windows. It’s built in the UK with 12mm Shiplap tongue and groove cladding, which gives it a stunning and lasting look. Also, it has flooring and a roof constructed from interlocking boards for tongue and groove. This provides it with a sturdy build.

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