A green business: Why the sale of log cabins an ideal alternative.

Posted Sep 23, 2021, Category: Cabin production

Green, eco-friendly business is the latest trend and it’s not looking like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. In addition, it is being portrayed to be the new standard for business in general and the only way to guarantee its success is to ensure its business operations and fundamental values conform to the guidelines of life. The shift to a green lifestyle is becoming a part of the daily lives of people. Every household is becoming more conscious of the recycling of plastics and the environmental impact of their dwellings.

We at Eurodita recognize the need to protect the environment, and have been doing this for years before the trend towards eco-friendly living took the ground. We provide services to many companies that specialize in the sale of log cabins and glulam homes and we’re doing this keeping environmental sustainability in mind. If you’re a budding businessperson, or looking to launch an enterprise of your own consider selling and building on-site log cabins and log homes.

In this article we will look at the key elements that make modern log homes so appealing to those who are eco-conscious. They also make an excellent selling point that you could present your proposition to the client.

Efficiency in energy

Wood is an energy-efficient material to build the log house from. When it is hot the exterior of the wood wall absorbs the heat, and keeps the inside cool. This is further emphasized due to the fact that homes constructed with glulam or another kinds of timber are typically located in open spaces that the sun can easily get to the timbers.

In the evening it is the reverse as the walls’ exteriors remain cool, while retaining the heat that was accumulated during the day in the interior. The same feature of heat preservation is also seen in stone, however wood is a far more malleable material that you can use.

This makes wood to be an extremely energy efficient material. It is particularly suitable for structures that are typically built during the summer. Examples include gardens rooms as well as camping pods, and barbecue shelters.

It also has an impact on the world outside. Although the log home doesn’t require any additional heating, it means there’s no combustion fuel used to eliminate carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Although fireplaces are an essential feature of every log house burning wood chips or wood chip bricks isn’t at all as harmful to the environment as natural gas.

Green living option

Although it’s true taking time is required to regenerate trees, nowadays it’s much simpler to select an option that will take care of the environment. If you are advising buyers on selecting a modern log cabin, make sure you take the time to describe the source of the wood that was used in the construction of the structure. Today, eco-friendly elements are on the top of the list and are now easier to identify. Use this to your advantage in your options and.

Additionally the log cabin itself is a sustainable method of living. By using high-quality wood will ensure the strength of the log cabin. At Eurodita we design and build custom log homes that last not just for long periods of time and also to withstand bush fires, cyclones and other natural elements. If maintained properly each log home can be used for many years.

Air quality

Another factor that is essential to cabin home owners, or simply guests who are staying at your lodge, is the overall quality the experience. What better way to promote this than to provide the natural air flow. The wood holds carbon dioxide within itself as well as naturally controls humidity. This provides almost perfect conditions to ensure that airflow is cleaner. It also eliminates the need to install additional humidifiers or air purifiers. In the end, it’s a wonderful living space that can be attained without any additional expense.

Another factor that contributes to good air quality and reduces the risk to the environment is the paint that is used. For a long time, those who criticize timber homes have lamented the truth that all the paints that are employed on wooden homes cause damage to the environment. Not only in the production stage, but also after they’re gradually washed away by the rain, and eventually reach the soil. Additionally the paint can also infiltrate the wood logs, and eventually is absorbed into the airstream that is created by the same wood and slowly poisons the inhabitants.

However, this is not the case anymore. With modern log cabin kits, you can get modern paint that tackles each of these concerns. With a sustainable production line and no or low VOC (volatile organic compounds – the substances that cause the dye to be harmful on the planet) composition of the dye, this issue can be ignored. Look at eco-friendly options for your paint job in order to give your customers the most pleasant experience.

These are the major reasons that log cabins are a green method of living. If you’re trying to find a the right business area to invest in, then log cabins could be the right option. It is based on sustainability and green living , and draws you and your clients closer to environment. Best of luck!