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5 wonderful log cabin living options

Buying the very first log cabin can be an intimidating experience for any client. There are so many things to consider, and so much information that they can get bombarded with. Glulam log cabins come in many different styles and designs. The versatility of the glue laminated material offers many opportunities for amazing, custom designs. We at Eurodita love standard and custom log cabins, so we have compiled a list of top 5 log cabin designs for first-time buyers. It’s short, sweet and will help your customers decide on something they can be happy with.

Log cabin Aylesbury

Let’s start with something small and straightforward. Log cabin Aylesbury offers that classic log cabin experience. A single-room design, with tall windows and glass doors – a perfect combination for a short getaway. It doesn’t take up much space and can be insulated. Bespoke log cabins for sale, such as Aylesbury, can also be prepped for electricity and piping installation. It’s a great option for clients that want something simple, easy to construct and fit for short getaways.

Log cabin Pamela

Contemporary log cabins come in many designs. Some of them are made to enjoy outdoors as much as possible, and Pamela is one of them. Here the traditional glulam log cabin design was transformed into a brilliant little log home with a large porch. The extra roof on the side allows the owner to sit and enjoy the great outdoors, while still having a place to stay. The unique framing of the building creates more space indoors, allowing for fully equipped living area.

Log cabin Betty

Standard log cabins may sound boring, but their design is anything but. Betty is an Euro 45/22 log cabin. This means that its design is made according to standards that has stood the test of time and ergonomics. This log cabin boasts 2-room interior design, with enough space for a bathroom. Betty also has a front porch that is encased in decorative railing. The log cabin is petite, compact, but filled with everything necessary for living. Betty can also be insulated, prepped for electric and piping installations. It’s a log cabin that can easily be counted towards contemporary residential log cabins.

Log cabin Australis

We are now moving into the territory of truly contemporary log cabins. Log cabin Australis has been design with a modern customer in mind. Tall, large windows and glass doors let in a lot of sunlight, while also providing amazing views of the great outdoors. The interior design provides a lot of space, rooms can be built in various shapes and sizes. The design creates a feeling airiness, captures the sense of lightness and coziness. Functional bifold doors provides a sense of modernity, while also maintaining true log cabin living.

Log cabin Discovery

This log cabin is made for residential living. Like every contemporary residential log cabin, Australis comes equipped with doors, windows, can be insulated, prepared for electric and piping installations. The unique design provides enough space for two full rooms, bathroom and a loft. The classic, yet elegant exterior design if very functional, sloping rooftop prevents gathering of water, and the front porch provides room to sit and enjoy the nature around the log cabin. It’s a truly great option for customers looking for long-term stay in their glulam log cabins.

Final thoughts

Working with us means that every single log cabin is likely eligible to be customised. Taking any one of these 5 glulam log cabins can serve as a base for something new and personal. Whether it’s small things like extra railing or slight change in size, or something bit – like extra walls, different room planning or a complete overhaul. Lastly, you can entice your customers to order something just for them – an unique log cabin just for them.

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