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outdoor grill hut

Outdoor grill huts are an excellent way to enjoy a cookout with family and friends. These portable structures are not 100 square feet and feature a temperature-controlled grill, multiple cooking surfaces, and a chimney to disperse smoke and heat. They also have a bench that can convert into a bed if you stay the night. According to Edey, he’s had up to 13 people comfortably cook in one grill house. He’s also cooked smoked salmon in one. In addition to grilling, the huts also provide an excellent place to socialize and entertain.

The Gator

A Gator outdoor grill hut makes a beautiful focal point for a gathering outside. It’s a more stable, functional structure than a traditional gazebo or outdoor grill. Its sleek, deep design allows you to accommodate two grills and other furniture. You can even put a bar or small table inside.

This grill hut offers the perfect spot for a cookout or a casual dinner with friends. Its relaxed ambience and funky design make it a great place to have a great time with friends and family. The Gator hut’s patio is the perfect place to enjoy a great meal with a view of the marina.

The Anaconda

The Anaconda outdoor grill hut is excellent if you enjoy outdoor gatherings. It’s long, sleek, and 14 feet deep, making it a practical yet stylish option. This portable grill hut is also very stable, which makes it an excellent alternative to a traditional gazebo.

The Boar

The Boar outdoor grill hut is perfect for entertaining and grilling outdoors. With a nine-foot and a 12′ footprint, including the roof overhang, this secluded grilling oasis is large enough to accommodate several grills. In addition to a spacious interior, it also boasts a side door and tons of functional shelving. The Boar grillscape also features a peaked roof and plenty of shelves to store your barbecue and grilling tools.

The Kaylee

The Kaylee outdoor grill hut is a stylish addition to any property. Its dimensions are 13’9″ x 14’11”, and its door measures 25-5/8″ x 57-7/8″. Its elegant design is sure to be a focal point for any property.

The Anaconda with a side entrance

The Anaconda grillscape is a stylish, long, and sleek outdoor grill hut. It is ideal for parties and outdoor gatherings and has all the conveniences of a traditional grill hut. This grillscape is more profound and broader than a gazebo at more than fourteen feet long. It can seat up to fourteen people and is a great focal point for outdoor gatherings.

The Anaconda with a covered deck

In the Anaconda-Pintler area, this outdoor grill hut with a covered deck is a great way to cook outside and enjoy the surrounding beauty. It offers a great view of the surrounding area and a gas grill for your convenience. There’s also a picnic table and an umbrella for shade.

Located on a two-acre lot, this cabin is an exceptional place to gather, grill, and watch the stars and snowfall. Guests will enjoy the living area’s rustic charm, including a gas fireplace and a large window to frame the scenery.

The Gator with a side entrance

The Gator with side entrance outdoor grill hut provides plenty of space for grilling and can serve as a focal point for your backyard gathering. Its long and sleek design makes it a practical alternative to a gazebo or traditional structure. Its spacious interior can hold two grills, a table, and even a bar.

The Boar with a covered deck

The Boar outdoor grill hut with a sloping roof is perfect for entertaining outdoors. With a 9′ wide by 12′ deep footprint, this unit is big enough to house multiple grills and offers ample space for entertaining. With a peaked roof and a side entrance, this unit also features plenty of functional shelving. It’s a great way to keep your grill clean and organized.

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