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5 Popular Timber Frame House Kit Designs

timber frame house kit

Many options are available if you want to build a timber frame house from scratch or use a prefabricated timber kit. This article will highlight some of the popular designs and features that you should look for when making a choice.


Designed by Belgian entrepreneur Gabriel Lakatos, the Gablok timber frame house kit provides a DIY method to build a house. The insulated wooden blocks are lightweight and easy to assemble. They offer a quick and inexpensive way to build your dream home.

The Gablok construction kit comes with eight insulated wooden blocks. Each block is made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation. The material is lightweight and highly efficient. It requires less energy to build and withstands super heavy loads. It’s also 100% recyclable.

The Gablok-insulated building blocks are delivered on one pallet. The blocks weigh only 7.5 kg for each 60 cm length. They are easy to assemble and require no drying time. They can be used for building garages or houses. Depending on your requirements, they can be customized. The Gablok company offers step-by-step instructions and a free price quote.

The Gablok system is designed to provide energy efficiency and acoustic performance. It’s been validated by engineering offices and design offices. In addition, its energy performance is verified by the National Building Code of Canada.

The Gablok system is delivered to the site with an installation plan. Each part is pre-cut and shaped for ease of assembly. This method saves construction waste and eliminates the need for on-site carpentry work. In addition, the factory-guaranteed timber frame house kit provides a stable structure. It can be built in just five days.

The Gablok concept includes insulated lintels and beams, a customized floor system, and an adapted roof. It’s a complete house kit with all the parts needed to assemble a home.

Gablok houses are insulated and can be completed in a week. In addition, the EPS insulation is lightweight and provides a long-lasting, environmentally-friendly structure.

Hamill Creek Timber Homes

Founded in 1989, Hamill Creek Timber Homes Ltd operates in Meadow Creek, British Columbia. This company’s timber frame houses are designed in a variety of styles. They also provide design services. Their timber frame house kits are available throughout North America. They use a sustainable harvesting process and have been recognized internationally for their craftsmanship.

The company has over fifty employees. They operate a 20,000-square-foot facility in Meadow Creek, B.C., where they design, manufacture, and deliver their timber frame house kits. Their process uses reclaimed wood and fresh timber from sustainable forests. In addition, the company has a design team that can work with clients to design the home of their dreams.

The company has won international design awards, and its timber frame house kits have been featured in Architectural Digest and HiLuxury. They have also been honoured with the Canadian Home Builders Association Tommie award.

The company’s team of builders build elegant, durable wood houses. They offer a variety of designs, including post-and-beam construction, and they can work with clients to create the perfect timber frame house kit.

The company is energy conscious and offers design courses and consultations. They have four standard styles to choose from. They can also produce custom timber frame house kits in any wood species. They can even deliver their kits anywhere in the US.

Their timber frame house kits include all framing, and they finish their timber with natural oil. They also provide insulated panels, rafters, fasteners, and hardware. In addition, some kits may include optional features, such as windows and doors.

They also offer a wide range of floor plans, and their in-house design team can help you customize your design. In addition, their timber frame home kits can include porches, decks, and other speciality fasteners.


Using a timber frame house kit is a great way to build a home and can save you money on the construction of your new property. You can get everything you need, including doors, windows, plasterboard and insulation. This allows you to save money while still getting the best quality. You can also select from a range of standard designs or have the option to customize your home.

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to get a quality house, you might want to look into off-site construction. This allows you to get a home up faster and safer, with fewer workers on the site and a lower carbon footprint. You’ll also be able to build a home to a higher sustainability standard. It’s also a great way to avoid disruption to your local community.

A timber frame house kit is an excellent way of building your home, and you can choose from various designs and styles. You can also customize your new house your home, including the size and layout of your home. You can get a traditional style, a contemporary style, a Breton style or even a Gaelic style. In addition, you can customize your internal doors and externals. You can even build a two or 3-storey house.

Scotframe has two manufacturing sites in Inverurie and Cumbernauld and has a strong presence in the self-build market. They have a team of 160 employees, and last year turned over PS35 million. They’re now expanding into other areas of the UK and plan to double their production in the next four years. They’re also ramping up their training programmes.

It’s no secret that off-site construction is gaining popularity in the UK. As well as being more environmentally friendly, it’s a great way to alleviate the construction industry’s skills shortage.

Honest Abe

Founded in 1979, Honest Abe has been creating dream homes since the early days. They are a member of the Log Homes Council and have a history of fostering relationships with the log home industry and the business community. As a result, the Better Business Bureau has recognized its commitment to sustainability.

Their timber frame house kits are available nationwide. The components are designed and measured in a production facility, and the gears are cut, partially assembled, and then shipped to the construction site.

The timber frame system uses 8″x8″ Douglas fir vertical posts covered with insulated wall panels. This allows for a variety of exterior finishes. It also offers flexibility in decorating the interior.

The Honest Abe Timber Frame home blends old-world charm and leading-edge design. This blend creates moods of comfort and grace. It is a timeless heirloom.

The Alderson cabin, built by Mike and Maria Alderson, is a four-bedroom, three-story timber frame. It features a fully finished basement, solid wood windows, and a heavy timber roof. It also includes a loft. The home features an open design in the great room. The kitchen has a kitchen island, and the dining area has a table and chairs.

The Honest Abe Legacy Series home package is built to the owners’ specifications. It can include a modern, spacious living room, an exposed heavy timber roof, and a hand-built fireplace. In addition, the package can be designed with 10″ round timbers.

The company offers free tours of its facilities and hosts holiday log home tours. They also have an online magazine, Honest Abe Living. These magazines provide information about their products, articles, photos, and videos. They are available via email or download to your computer.

Stanley Brash

Located in the heart of the Borders, Stanley Brash Construction is a go-to contractor for all things structural, civil and many smaller projects. They boast the largest workforce in the area, with about 98% residing within a 25-mile radius. The company is a jack of all trades in the construction industry and is best known for its high-performance timber kit houses. So if you are looking for the best in class, top-notch service, and customer satisfaction, look no further than the Stanley Brash team. Their reputation for quality and excellence can be found in the many award-winning construction projects they have sown the kingdom. The company is a worthy contender in the timber kit house construction arena, as well as in the civil and retention systems arena. So whether Stanley Brash today, if you want to start a new career o,r need some help upgrading your living room.

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