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5 cabin interior design styles to inspire your wooden home

In an earlier article, we covered some design aspects of your bespoke log homes. It’s a great article to get into details of designing the interior yourself. Now we would like to take a broader approach and introduce several design styles that are both popular and relatively easy to implement.

In this post, we will cover 5 interior design concepts that are fit for a great glulam log house. During our 27 years of experience, we at Eurodita have seen many such homes built and prospered. We will give our best advice. If you’re someone, who will want to sell the dream of a contemporary log cabin decor, here might be a good place to start.

Industrial design

A simple, functional design, focused on exposing distressed walls and metallic details. The most common metal used it copper, giving the scene a rustic sense. All furniture chosen should be edgy and functional. Washed walls are preferred for their inherent distressed look and can be either white or left natural wood. When considering this design, first choose whether you want to stick with light and chic, or opt for darker and more vintage feel. This will give you a starting point to choosing the right colour accents and centrepieces. Large windows and sharp angles will create a mature feel to your log house.

Bohemian vibe

Owning a glulam timber house can be quite an adventurous undertaking. It will likely be located near a lake or in the forest. Being this close to nature opens up feelings of adventure and nomadic way of life, even for one season. If you want this sensation to be the driving force behind your log home, the bohemian style is the way to go.

Here, you will need vibrant colours in your details, framed by ambient, earthy tones on your walls. Then, it’s important to layer everything with textiles – pillows, blankets, you name it. We encourage you to use fur and metallic decor elements to bring out that nomadic sense. Tribal patterns and raw wooden furniture will enforce this sense of bohemia without looking too ragged. With this bohemian style, the number one goal is to look messy without being so.

Modern urban style

This style brings your modern city loft into your simple bespoke residential log cabin. The design, just like in any loft, conserves space and employs sleek furniture of uniform design. Colours are usually light, so if your cabin is made from light wood, like Northern pine, the best option is to leave it that way. Modern urban style can be a great solution for small cabin plans. It makes spaces look bigger and converts each corner into something functional.

Flea market design

This design is otherwise called shabby chic by professional interior designers. The goal of this style is to give the impression of a haphazard flea market that is your glulam log cabin. It’s cozily rustic and a lot of old items can be converted for the purpose. For example, old mirrors that stained a little bit can still be a great addition of character to this style. Mismatched cups and and plates in worn out cupboards are also great addition to this aesthetic.

Walls tend to be left distressed and whitewashed. Alternatively, they can be left in their original wooden state or dyed an ambient colour. The focus instead should be shifted to the myriad of worn details that give off the cozy, old-time feeling.

Seaside hut style

If you’re looking for a relaxing, soft vibe for your log home, the seaside hut or the nautical style is a great choice. It can also serve well if your glulam house construction is taking place near the seaside. That way, this style will truly reflect the area your log home is built in.

White is the primary, basic colour used in this type of environment. Then, blue or sea green accents are added to get that breezy look and to bring in some vibrancy. Next, the furniture can use a lot of unfinished wood or simply be used and distressed. This will bring an old-time coziness, while keeping the sense breeze at home. Don’t forget the seaside-related decorative elements, such as seashells, pictures of ships, ropes and other nautical elements.

Whichever style you choose, make sure you first know the space you’re working with. If it’s a small log cabin, the decor should utilise every centimetre of space available and bring out the space that’s not there. If it’s a large log house, you may have room for intentional clutter and romantic, breezy feeling. Whatever your intentions, always make sure you have a plan before you take action. Good luck!

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