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4 things your need to know about our private label policy


At Eurodita Log Structures, we often receive queries which we cannot answer in a positive way due to our private label commitments. For example, an end-customer wants to purchase a single BBQ hut. Or a dealer in the UK asks to inform him about retailers of our product operating in his/her vicinity so that he/she can go check our log cabins out.

We cannot process such requests due to agreements in place with our partners. But here are the good news: as soon as you become a dealer of our timber products, you get to enjoy all the same benefits!

#1 our product is your product

Eurodita produces for private label, and for private label only. This principle gives our dealers unique marketing opportunities and huge markup potential. Everything you receive from us – from initial drawings for bespoke designs to final products – comes without our logo or any other mark of origin identification. You decide on your own terms whether to disclose your source of supply or not. Your brand and market the log cabins in whatever way you think will profit you the most.

#2 the sweetness of exclusivity

An exclusive dealership is also a possibility. If certain conditions are met, we put in place an arrangement wherein you become the sole dealer of Eurodita timber products in a predetermined geographical area. For the duration of our agreement, no other wholesaler or retailer in that area will be allowed the right to purchase and sell our products.

#3 the shield of confidentiality

We make an uncompromising commitment to protecting your identity as a reseller of our timber products. The commitment takes real and practical forms. Almost every day we receive queries from dealers who are interested in our production, but who want to check our log cabins first before they commit to buying. In these cases, they usually ask us to refer them to retailers who are selling our timber products in their geographical vicinity. We always turn down requests of this type.

#4 referral of b2c inquiries

Another type of frequently received queries is that of an end-customer who is interested in one or two particular timber products: a log cabin, a BBQ hut, a log shed, a playhouse, etc. We always explain that we do not operate as a B2C manufacturer and that we only do business with B2B clients. However, we can always refer the end-customer to you as a dealer if you operate in the same area as the end-customer. We conduct referrals of this type when two conditions are met: 1) We have the request/permission of the dealer 2) We make sure that the inquiry is genuine.

Eurodita manufactures a rich variety of log and timber structures: Log Cabins and Sheds, Standard Cabins, Log Houses, Log Cabin Schoolhouses, Camping Pods, Garden Summer Houses, Garden Furniture, Play Houses, BBQ Huts, Wooden Carports and Garages, Wooden Hot Tubs and Wooden Pavilions., and many other structures produced from finest Nordic timber.

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