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The 4 big questions about modular cabins answered

Posted Jun 01, 2021, Category: Cabin production

Modular cabins are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. In the US alone, the market size of modular homes was at $125.6b in 2019 and is expected to reach $174.6b by the year 2025. This type of accommodation is becoming increasingly popular with the 25-39 year-olds and is only looking to expand in that age group. As the bespoke log cabin company, we at Eurodita take time to produce modular cabins on regular basis. And because the trend is only going upwards, we have decided to lay down some facts about modular cabins and determine why they are so popular.

What are modular cabins?

First things first, glulam log cabins aren’t the only type of building that can be modular. In fact, almost any type of residential building can be turned into a modular one. With that in mind, a modular building is defined as any building that has been prefabricated away from the construction side and has repeated sections – or modules – connecting and forming the building.

So, in this context, modular cabins are any glulam log cabins that have been prefabricated and delivered to the construction site in parts, or already built. At Eurodita, we can offer both options, provided chosen modular cabins are within certain size range. What might be called “outsized” cabins are delivered flat packed in order to fit within the transport vehicle.

What kind of cabins are considered modular cabins?

Log cabin Forester can easily be assigned to modular cabins
Log cabin Forester can easily be assigned to modular cabins

To be considered a modular cabin, the build must be prefabricated, instead of built on the construction site. The cabin must also come in modules that make up the building. This can be individual rooms or just a single-room cabin with parts ready to be constructed. So, in essence, any log cabin that is currently on Eurodita’s catalogue can be considered to be a modular cabin.

Do modular cabins hold their value?

With the growth in preference for prefabricated, modular cabins, their value has been increasing as well. Glulam log cabins are not yet as valuable or appreciated as standard housing, but it also depends on your geographic location. If the modular cabin you built stands on a good, high-value plot of land, it’s more likely to hold value. Plus, due to advances in construction materials, glulam log cabins are becoming increasingly better in quality. This means that glulam log cabins could become just as valuable as any other type of building.

What are modular cabins made of?

Just like any other log cabins, modular cabins are made from high quality timber planks. In Eurodita’s case, we produce them from Northern spruce, which also goes through the glue lamination process. This process strengthens the timber and calibrates it into even planks. This in turn gives us the opportunity to build log cabins that last longer and avoid molding and other issues, typically associated with owning a log cabin. All thanks to the glulam process, which also dries out the timber enough to prevent molding, settling and other issues. This is also why such log cabins are likely to hold the same value as standard residential homes: they’re just as sturdy, durable and safe as the typical home.

Final thoughts

Modular cabins are clearly not going away anywhere. If you’re looking to start a business as a log cabins supplier, this might be the time to do so. Eurodita specializes in private label manufacture, which means that we produce modular cabins with your brand name on it. Our partner program is one of the most generous in the market, since we take care of production, transport, bespoke orders and other things. We always prioritize quality and customer service, which gives our partners the chance to immediately grow their profit by 20% after starting work with us. Reach out to us and let’s do business!


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