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3D log cabin models: the process of building an offer

As log home suppliers for a worldwide market, we aim to be efficient in providing our partners with the offer and price quotation. That is one of the best perks of our partner program, as it allows for quick sales and construction process. That is also a large part of what made Eurodita so successful in private label homes producer. Quick, efficient and accurate price offer provision, with logos and other branding of our partners, so they can send them directly to their clients without additional work on graphical adaptation.

When our partners receive these offers, included are full 3D models, final price, measurements and technical layouts of the building. The offer is detailed, yet clear as a basis for final price. Additionally, Eurodita can also organise delivery of the order, based on the distance, availability and price of the transport. All this can be included into the final offer.

In this post, we would like to go behind the scenes and explain what information we need to input to generate these offers and why we can do it so fast and relatively hassle free.

Good software tools

As with everything these days, our biggest aid in the process of making an offer is software. We have invested 2 years of our time to build a software tool, capable of generating accurate offers. Together with a team of professional programmers, we have achieved this and to this day, this software fully covers all of our needs. Of course, like any system, it needs a human element, who could work in tandem with the smart software and ensure the information input and output is correct. To generate an offer, we go through a process that is almost always similar to the one we are going to display below.

The process of generating an offer

All glulam log homes that are someone’s dream – they start with a sketch of the design. Quite often, we receive a rough sketch from our partner of what they imagine the glulam building should look like. It’s also accompanied by estimates of the building size, usually based on the space available, where the construction is going to take place. That sketch, paired with even the roughest estimates of size gives us plenty of information to go on.

Of course, our order system we developed for our website also helps our partners by guiding them through the measurements we need to receive. Currently, the basic information we need is the following:

  1. The roof type
  2. Wall height, length and width
  3. Wall thickness
  4. Types of doors and windows

Any additional changes, requests and measurements can be added below on the notes and the sketch is attached at the end. This gives us enough information to go on. We offer standard door and window sizes, standard wall thickness options. We also have very flexible wall size availability and we give the option to choose two rood types. From this information, we can generate an offer from our wide assortment of standard sizes.

More than just numbers, with an offer we provide an insight into how the final product is going to look like when built. The same software that allows to calculate the price accurately also generates a 3D model. Guided by human hand, the software provides our partners with great images that help the sales process. Their customers can look into their dream houses built with glulam, all in digital form. And for our partners, the software also generates blueprints with measurements of all sides of the construction. That way, it becomes easier to plan transport and the foundation.

Original designs

Quite often, we get a request to produce glulam log homes that are not part of our current portfolio. This means that our partner has a customer who would like an original look to their project. Something no other person would order. That is a challenge that we accept. Through the 27 years in business, we have acquired expertise on construction that we apply to original projects that later fill up our portfolio. These types of projects allow customers to realise their dreams and gives us an opportunity to grow our expertise further.

This process of working with our partners has won us their trust and appreciation. We are always happy to see our partners grow and even happier to see new ones join into our vast network. Our partner program is always open and with this post, we hope to have gained a kernel of trust for our future partnership.

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